Vintage Southern Belle “Tinny Dress”

While I was participating in the Kids Clothes Week challenge, I noticed a few of the other designers were sewing a dress called “The Tinny”. Out of curiosity, I read a few of their blog posts to see what it was all about. Turns out, it is a new release of an already existing pattern from Straight Grain. The new Tinny Dress has different options and variations making it easy to customize the look you want. The style of the TInny is vintage-modern. Right up my ally! Seems like a good match for all my vintage linens. I guess I have to make one now 😍

Options Options Options!

The Tinny dress is all about options! When I initially downloaded the pattern I have to admit I was feeling a little intimidated. It’s huge! The pattern alone is 43 pages. Luckily, there are charts and print guides so you can select the options you want and only print those pages. Thank goodness 😉

😍 For my first attempt at this dress, I chose a vintage pillowcase featuring a cute embroidered southern belle design (actually, I showed Anna a few different pillowcases and this is the one she chose- she has good taste).

The pattern has lots of different collar options, but for this dress I went with a peter pan with petals. It’s a fun twist on a very sweet, vintage look. It’s also a good way to add a little color to my white dress. I had some remnants from a pink vintage pillowcase I used for another dress. The pink collar helps bring out the pink in the embroidery.

Although there are a few different sleeves to choose from, I opted to go sleeveless for more versatility. During these colder months, she can wear it layered over a long-sleeved shirt or under a cardigan and not have bulk in the shoulders. 😍

There are a few different skirt options as well, but because I’m using a pillowcase here, the skirt will be limited to the width of the pillowcase (about 3 inches shy of what the pattern calls for). A gathered skirt gives me a little leeway. While it’s not as full as the pattern intended, it still looks super cute. 😍

There was one major thing I changed with the design. This dress is supposed to close with a hidden zipper in the back. I didn’t happen to have one, nor did I want to run out and get one. And with good reason. I live on an Island only accessible by ferry. 😍 A “quick” trip to the fabric store will actually take me all day. We absolutely LOVE living here, but we definitely have to plan for our trips to town. Time to improvise! I made a few alterations so I could make a corset-style tie in the back. I sewed 18 button holes (9 on each side) and fed a mustard colored ribbon through. Mustard is such a trending color right now, I was excited to find that it works beautifully with this dress! 😍

As much as I hate to cover the bow, Anna was getting a little chilly during our photo shoot (it is October after all). Luckily, this dress also looks great with a cardigan.

BTW, I made Anna’s cardigan from one of my old sweaters that didn’t fit me anymore 😍

All in all, I really enjoyed putting this dress together. And with so many different variations to choose from, I can make many more that look completely different. I’d say this pattern is a great value!

😍 In the mean time, here some more photos of Anna in her vintage pillowcase Tinny Dress.

To see what other designers have done with the Tinny, click on the frog below 😍

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