Vintage Pillowcase turned Cute Little Top

Vintage eyelet table runner and embroidered linen pillowcase.

The theme for this last week of Project Run and Play is to make something with your own “Signature style”. Yahhh! I’ve been waiting for this one all month. Not that the other themes weren’t fun, because I’ve had a blast. And of course I’ve been trying to put my vintage mark on everything. But it’s been a while since I’ve made anything from my stash of vintage embroidery.

So when I came across the Dakota top sew along at Modkid I jumped for joy! This pattern is perfect to re-purpose one of my many vintage pillowcases. And while going through my stash, this beautiful violet peacock with crochet plume caught my eye. An eyelet lace table runner was used as an overlay to embellish the yoke. 😍

The Dakota top has several different variations to choose from. I can’t wait to try one with sleeves and a hood for a fun, spring tee. But for this top, I kept it simple to showcase the embroidery. And I pretty much followed the pattern too. The only thing I did different was add little a bit of length. As cute as it is, I didn’t want Anna’s belly button to show through the crochet. Gotta keep my baby modest 😍

What’s the deal with toddlers and puddles?….

Anna was fixated on this puddle during our photo shoot. I wouldn’t let her jump in it (sorry babe, not in that outfit) so she settled for tapping her toes in it instead 😉

Looks innocent, right?

OK, let’s move on (away from the puddle)….. 😍

Anyway, as you can see, the crochet travels all the way around the hem. So cute! And it saved me the trouble of having to hem the bottom too. Win!

Gee Honey, I can’t imagine how the water got in your shoe 😍

I had the hardest time getting shots that don’t look bleached out, which makes the eyelet overlay hard to see. It would have been nice to wait till later in the day when the sun isn’t so high, but they were predicting more rain (and boy did we get it). Oh well, I think I got a OK close-up here so you can see it a little better.

I will also be sharing this for Kids Clothes Week. 😍 That’s right! It’s Kids Clothes Week again. The theme this season is TOYS. I know, this particular project isn’t necessarily toy related, but I love this one so much I just have to share it! Keep an eye out though. I’ve got some playful projects in store for this week 😀

BTW, many great things come in pairs. Like pillowcases! This lovely purple lady has an identical twin and I haven’t decided what to do with it yet.

Got any ideas? Pattern suggestions? Would love to hear them in the comments below 😍

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