Vintage Embroidered Swingset Skirt

My sewing skills have primarily been self-taught. I know there is still a lot to learn yet. As much as I like to draft my own patterns to make original pieces, it seems that every time I work from a makers pattern I learn a new skill. With that said, Oliver + S is hosting a sew along next week for the relaunch of the Swingset Skirt pattern. Skirts are probably one of the easiest things to sew so it seemed silly to purchase a pattern. Recently though, as I’ve been taking part in Kids Clothes Week and the Tinny Dress Blog Tour, it’s proven to be a learning experience. So I decided to go ahead and do it. 😍

For one of my Kids Clothes Week submissions, I made a skirt from a vintage pillowcase and added a ribbon bow on the side. The Swingset skirt is so similar, I was skeptical that I would get much out of this. Well, I was wrong! The Oliver + S Swingset Skirt pattern showed me a better way to do an elastic waistband to give the skirt a more secure fit and better structure. Just goes to show that even though you might already know how to do something, there is always something to be learned.

Staying true to my style, I used vintage material to make this skirt. I had a vintage tablecloth embroidered with blue and pink flowers on each corner. I received this tablecloth from a neighbor here on the Island. It had been stored for years in a hope chest and wrapped in tissue paper for protection. Unfortunately, the acids in the tissue paper left sever foxing (little brown age spots). Also, the woman who made this table cloth was very starch-happy. 😍 There was lots of crusty age-old starch everywhere. This table cloth seemed unusable. But after much patience and diligence, I was able to get rid of all the defects and make it beautiful again. My husband was amazed I was able to do this and suggested that others might want to know how it was done. Perhaps I will do a tutorial on this in the near future 🙂

😍 Now, back to the skirt! I took two corners from the tablecloth and sewed them together to mirror the images. This will be the front of the skirt.

The lining for the skirt is a vintage Dacron polyester material. It has a really cute spring green dogwood floral print. I liked the idea of the lining being part of the design so I switched the pattern pieces around so the lining would be longer than the main piece. It also gives the skirt a layered look. 😍 For the drawstring, I used a teal colored ribbon. I added almost double the length than the pattern recommended so the bow would have nice long, girly tails.

Can’t resist a good twirl 😍

Watching the birds….

Anna found the last flower left.

Crank that wheel, Honey 😍

I have to admit I made this skirt a week early. The Swingset Skirt Sew Along doesn’t actually start till Nov.9th. 😍 I just had surgery yesterday so I made my submission in advance. Wasn’t sure I would feel up to doing much during the week of the sew along. But so far, I feel OK. Who knows, maybe I’ll do another one after all. This was such a neat little skirt to make and Anna loves it. She will definitely need more twirly skirts in her wardrobe 😍

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