Tweed Swingset Skirt with Pockets and Over-sized Bow

Ok…..How do you say “No” to an adorable 2 year old? Does she really need more clothes? No, I am sewing new items for her all the time. She’s got more clothes than I do. Does she really need those new shoes? Umm…..well…..she needs shoes that match her new clothes, right?…. 😍

Alright, so I didn’t buy her new shoes. But I did make her another Swingset skirt! Oliver + S is hosting a Swingset Skirt Sew Along this week. Initially, I made my first skirt in advance. I was having surgery and wasn’t sure I’d be able to sew this week. But recovery is going better than expected and I’m back at the sewing machine. Going slooowwww, but still going. Anyway, a girl can never have enough skirts! 😍 And my little princess gets what she wants

I did make few changes for Anna’s second Swingset skirt. This time around, I thought I’d add pockets. I’m sure I’ll regret it the next time I’m doing laundry and find rocks and Legos in the wash. Straight Grain posted a Pocket tutorial recently, and this seemed like a good opportunity to try it out. 😍

I also thought it would be fun to give the skirt a bigger bow. Instead of a drawstring, this skirt is getting a belt that ties on the side. Basically, I followed the pattern’s directions for making a drawstring, but I tripled the width and doubled the length. 😍 I sewed it to the outside of the skirt on the left side seam so it won’t get lost if it comes untied.

For the material, this poly blend tweed in “Merlot Camel” will do nicely. For the lining, I used this orange cherry blossom cotton fabric. A nice Fall color, and it contrasts beautifully with the Merlot. Normally, I prefer to work with vintage linens but the tweed will make a nice Fall/Winter skirt. Of course, I will still add a vintage element with some vintage lace from my stash.

😍 And there you have it. This skirt has a classic, timeless look and the Merlot Camel is such a versatile color. It’s sure to get a lot of use this season. 🙂

Tweed Swingset Skirt with pockets and over-sized bow.
It’s a blustery day outside. Fix your hair 😍
The wind blew this leaf at Anna 😉
Pick it up.
Where’d it come from?
I think I’ll keep it.
Looking for more leaves……
Nope…. got the one I want! 😍

This skirt doesn’t take up a lot of material either so I still have a bunch of this tweed left over. I happen to have the Oliver + S Forest Path Cape that I’ve been meaning to sew. A matching skirt and cape set is definitely in the near future 😍

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