Tweed Forest Path Cape

While I was sewing Anna’s Tweed Swingset Skirt with Pockets and Oversized Bow, I remembered that I had purchased the Oliver + S Forest Path Cape a little while back and still haven’t done anything with it yet. I still have some of the tweed material left over from the skirt that would work perfectly. A matching cape and skirt seems very 1940’s vintage. Just my style! 😍

But while they match on the outside, they don’t have the same lining material. I ran out of the orange cherry blossom fabric I used for the skirt, but I think this sweet bird print looks just as nice. It’s got birds, which Anna loves, and the orange flowers are similar to ones on the cherry blossom fabric. Works for me 😍

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve been experiencing a lot of stormy weather with lots of rain and wind. This was the first day we were able to get outside in over a week! Anna was so excited, she had a hard time staying still for photos. 😍 You’ll notice all my photos are back or side shots (and slightly blurry) because she was on the go the entire time. I was so out of breath by the time we were done too. Who needs to work out when you’ve got an active toddler on your hands? phewwww 😉

Very important phone call….

Is that a monkey in that tree? 😍

Meet our new Weimaraner puppy, Strudel. Anna insisted on taking a picture with her:)

😍 This cape is pretty versatile too. I can pair it with a dress or skirt for a dressier look, or with jeans for a more casual look. I love things that serve a dual purpose!

I was thinking of taking Anna’s Christmas photos in her matching cape and skirt set. It looks festive without being too chintzy. Oliver + S has asked it’s followers what they are sewing for the Holidays. So far the 2015 Holiday Wear and PJ Party has been fairly quiet but it’s seems like people are finally starting to share what they’ve been working on (maybe after Thanksgiving we’ll see more). I can’t wait to see what other designers are sewing. Lots of pretty Christmas dresses I’m sure 😍

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