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    How to Restore Vintage Linens to Their Former Glory

    One obstacle of working so much with vintage linens is the presence of stains and odors. Whether you want to recycle yours for sewing projects or just use them for their original purpose, you’ll first want to restore those vintage linens to their former glory. 😍 Take a look at this embroidered linen. I absolutely fell in love with the little orange birds. I’m not entirely sure what it was used for though. Dresser scarf maybe? The flower basket in the middle is upside down. Maybe it was used to wrap bread?  If you happen to know what this is, please leave a comment. I would love to know! Do you know…

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    Pretend Tea Bag Tutorial

    Well it’s that time of year again. That time of year when the weather cools down and the rainy season begins. It’s a nice relief from the hot days of Summer, but now you have a new problem. Rainy weather keeps little ones inside. You need a fun activity that keeps her imaginative wheels turning. 😍 What’s more perfect (and girly) than a pretend tea party? You’ve got the pretend teapot, cups, saucers, and napkins. But what about the pretend tea bags? Pretend tea bags are super easy to make and they are a great way to use up those fabric scraps leftover from other projects. Here’s how: Start by…

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    7 Ways to Use Vintage Embroidered Linens

    There is something so magical about vintage embroidery. A popular past time in the mid-century, women got together with friends to compare their handy work and trade secrets. The time and work women of the past would put into their craft is inspiring. It reminds us of a time when there were no cell phones or computers (or social media for that matter) to distract us from real life. Simple pleasures where everyday pleasures. 😍 Spending quality time with family, road trips, home-cooked meals, stopping to smell the roses…..hmmm, sounds good. I think I was born in the era……… Anyway, embroidery seems to be a dying art these days (how…