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    The TAMI Revolution Hoodie from New Horizons

    You knew I was a HUGE fan of New Horizons Designs, right? Well, it should come as no great shock that I absolutely LOVE the newest pattern just released <3 The TAMI Revolution Hoodie is totally on-trend and super jam-packed with options (no surprise there, coming from New Horizons). Here are the details: 3 Different Hood Options: Double hood, cross-over hood, or standard hood 2 Zipper Options: A full zip, or a decorative shoulder zip 2 Pocket Options: Kangaroo pocket, or in-seam pockets 2 lengths to choose from 2 Cuff Designs: Standard, or thumbhole cuffs Optional drawstring I went with the super cool double hood for mine. The outer hood…

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    Dreamy Drape Top

    Well, look who’s feeling like her old self again! After being cooped up in the house all week battling a yucky stomach flu, this little monkey is happy to get out <3 And, it’s a beautiful day for climbing trees…. So, we paid a little visit to the Island Farm and Historic Society for some fresh air. But, after a week of hanging out in our pj’s, we are still seeking comfort. So a pair of cute and cozy leggings with an adorably, drapey sweater seemed like the way to go. Isn’t it cute? The leggings were purchased for a mere $5.99 at Target. We don’t buy too many clothes…

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    NEW! 11th Hour Gear from New Horizons

    Well, this has been one…rough…week. The stomach flu really hit our family hard (as I’m sure it has for many families). We’ve been hiding away in our little Island home, trying to combat this thing. And subsequently, been living in our PJ’s all week! So the release of New Horizons new pattern couldn’t have come at a better time. The 11th Hour Gear PJ and Loungewear has been perfect cozy clothes for the kids to snuggle up in while they recover from the flu. And, who better to snuggle with than your best bud? I tell ya, these two are inseparable 😉 So, here are the details about the 11…

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    Another Vermont Cardigan

    I told you I love cardigans, right? So you had to know I couldn’t resist sewing up another Vermont Cardigan. If you missed my last post, I had the pleasure of being a tester for the ever-so-versatile Vermont Cardigan from New Horizons Designs. I have tested a LOT of patterns over this past year; many of them from New Horizons. But I gotta tell ya, I think this may be my favorite by far! I am definitely a sweater girl so this pattern was right up my alley. But just take a look at all those options! Can you imagine the possibilities? How could you not love this pattern? 😉 So,…

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    Mummykins & Me Rebrand and Launch

    I recently had the opportunity to participate in a new type of project.  Rebecca from Mummykins & Me had a vision for a fresh, new look to her website and brand. So, rather than testing a new pattern, I had the opportunity to sew up an existing one and incorporate her fabulous new color palate. Isn’t it pretty?…… This is probably one of the easiest projects I’ve had in a while, quite honestly! There were no kinks to work out that go along with testing a pattern. No fit problems. No proof reading…… Just the joy of sewing. Not to mention, this hoodie was such a quick and easy sew.…

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    The NEW Deer Creek Dress & Tunic

    Yep! It’s another pattern from New Horizons Designs. The Deer Creek Dress and Tunic is available in both women’s and girl’s sizes. So, you know that means matching Mommy and Me outfits for me and my little Anna-Pie. And with the Holidays just around the corner, it’s a perfect option for family photos and festivities 😀 ***Ok. I have to appologize upfront here. We had the hardest time getting clear pics. We did 2 photo shoots and, for some reason, they all came out blurry and grainy and with bad lighting (or my head was chopped off). It was pretty chilly out though. Too much shivering I guess, lol. These…

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    The NEW Janie Dress

    Soooo excited about this new dress! I had the pleasure of testing the new Janie Dress from Mouse House Creations and I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with it. Very simple, elegant features of a classic-looking dress, but with the comfort of a t-shirt! A brilliant compromise for a mom like me that wants to dress up an incredibly active 3 year old with out her wanting to tear it off. Lol. And it’s a super quick sew too. A BIG WIN in my book 🙂 BTW: If you’ve never heard of Mouse House Creations, you need to go check it out. The site is full of…

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    Supporting Pediatric Cancer Warriors

    Cancer sucks! Whether you have had a battle with cancer, or have experienced the loss of a loved one, most of us have a personal connection of some sort to cancer. But there is nothing more heartbreaking than when cancer victimizes a child….. Many years ago, my Aunt and Uncle experienced that heartbreak. Their little girl (my cousin) was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma at the far-too-young age of 3. Doctors said she wouldn’t make it to her 5th birthday. But she was a warrior! And when her 5th birthday rolled around, she was in a state of remission! And, Oh! She had the biggest and most heartfelt birthday party a parent…

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    Bad Wolf!

    Bad Wolf Sorry, no ‘Doctor Who’ here. Wrong “Bad Wolf.” We’re talking about THE Bad Wolf. That menacing creatures featured in so many children’s stories. But who knew how stylish and cool he was, till now? The Bad Wolf Vest from Puperita is a fun and super cool way for (not so) bad little boys and girls to channel their inner wolf. This fully-lined vest is simple to make, without being short on style. And it can be sewn with knits and/or wovens, so it’s versatile too. As always, I let Liam pick out his fabric. My kids are always more excited for the clothes I sew them when they…

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    Back to School!!!

    It’s Back to School again! The rest of America is out fighting the crowds to buy cheap, fast fashion that’s guaranteed to fall apart in a month. But not us sewists (is that even a real word?)! We scour the fabric shops, looking for the best and comfiest materials. We buy up ALL the new trendy patterns. We use up all of our ink and paper (to print all of said patterns). Spend countless hours cutting and pinning (watch your fingers!), seam ripping, maybe some cursing and swearing, and of course SEWING.   I know, I know, everyone and their Grandma’s are posting what they’ve made the kiddos for Back…

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