Princess Kitty

Our Princess Anna is turning 3 this month! When asked what kind of dress she wants to wear on her birthday, in her cute little raspy voice, she very confidently requested a “pwinthess ditty buffday dweth.” Translation: “princess kitty birthday dress.” Anna is a girl who knows what she wants for sure. Her birthday also happens to be on Valentine’s Day. Yup, she was our little Valentine’s baby 😍  So you know we gotta throw that in the mix as well. Gosh! Hope I can deliver….

Well….. have you ever had one of those projects that, no matter what you do, you can’t seem to get it right? This was totally one of those projects. I don’t think I’ve ever used my seem ripper as much as I did with this dress. Don’t know what it was. Distractions? With 4 kids and a potty training puppy, someone always needs something. Whatever the reason, I made one stupid mistake after the next on this one. Between putting pieces on backwards, cutting the wrong size, and forgetting the sleeves….Ahh! I was so mad at myself. Luckily, once I got it all figured out, the dress came out pretty darned cute and Anna couldn’t be happier

“MEOW! I’m a Princess Kitty”

The stats:

Anna helped pick out this cotton fabric at a recent trip to Joann’s. She did a good job too! The gold, metallic hearts are perfect for Valentine’s Day and sort of mimic polka dots. She loves polka dots. The hearts aren’t so big that it looks cheesy either. Works well for a Valentine’s/Birthday dress.

Her crown is just a piece of pink felt with some vintage lace sewn around. A little bit of elastic in the back keeps it in place. Only took about 5 minutes to make and I’m glad because she didn’t keep it on long. 😍

For the kitty part of the dress, I happened to come across this free Cutie Kitty pattern at Violette Field Threads. Awesome website! They have such cute patterns for little girls.

She’s got the balance of a kitty cat.


For the dress, I used the latest pattern from The Sew What Club. The Taylor Dress from Sewing in No Mans Land is a very girly, layered dress that was perfect for Anna’s “princess kitty” vision. I love how the skirt is longer in the back. So princess-y.

She’s a curious kitty. 😍
Kitties climb fences too!

The theme this week at Project Run and Play is Cosplay.  Cosplay seems to be gaining popularity with adults who like to dress up as their favorite characters for parties or events (like Comic Con). The idea for this week is to create a fun outfit inspired by this new trend without it actually being a costume. This challenge was perfect timing for Anna’s princess kitty birthday dress! I love it when things work out like that

I will also be sharing this for Kids Clothes Week, coming up soon. 😍

Look at that smile. Daddy came to surprise us during our photo shoot!
It’s a Daddy monster!

Speaking of surprise visitors….check out the deer in the back ground!
Princess Anna

Next week’s challenge is “All That Glitters.” This dress could have worked for that one too with the sparkly hearts and kitty whiskers. Oh well, I’m sure I can come up with something else for that. One can never have too many sparkly things! 😍

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