Playing Dress-Up

We’re playing dress-up for Kids Clothes Week today!

It’s time to retire some of Daddy’s favorite old and VERY worn shirts. Out with the old and in with new! But what are we going to do with all the old ones? Have some fun, of course ;p

Silly girl. Funny, just like her Daddy 😍

Where did she go?

How about we go a step further and do a little re-purposing? A little snip here, another snip there….

The bottom of Daddy’s shirt along with the denim sleeves from another. 😍

Put them together and what do you get? A cute and functional dress for Daddy’s little girl! The adjustable sleeves from the denim were cut in half (length-wise) and sewn together in the middle for the bodice. No pattern used here. Just a little bit of creativity.

The beauty of this design is that, as Anna grows the dress will too. She can wear it as a dress now and it will transition easily to a cute little tunic later by expanding the top at the buttons.

Adorable, adjustable front dress! 😍

For now, she wears the dress with the bodice adjusted to the smaller position. As she grows we can expand the bodice to grow with her 😍

This bodice also resembles the vintage style of a button-up bib, which I love. So sweet.

Hey, Anna. Where’s the apple?

There it is!!!!!!

Ha ha, toddlers are so easily entertained 😍

Anna loves her new dress. And the best part? It didn’t cost a thing! These were old, over-worn shirts Daddy was going to throw away. Just goes to show, the old saying is true. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”….or, little girl’s new dress 😍

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