NEW! Peeka Top + Tutorial for a Curved Hem

Looking for a girl’s t-shirt pattern that’s great for everyday wear and still manages to stay on trend? The Peeka Top from Unfancy Designs is the perfect mix of comfort and style with it’s unique peek-a-boo shoulder and different styling options. This not-so-basic shirt is a super fast and easy sew, making this a pattern you’ll come back to over and over again. It’s being released today at a limited time discounted price of $6.50! (Wow, really?! I had to double check that price to make sure I had it right! Ha ha.) And with a size range of 18mo-12, this pattern will last you a long time. 😍

I was lucky enough to be a tester for this fun pattern and got to sew up both versions of this adorable tee. Here’s a break down of the different style options:

I absolutely LOVE the open shoulder on this shirt. It’s has both a sweet and sassy look and is perfect for warmer weather.

*BONUS: This tee is also a great scrap buster! The pink sleeves seen above came out of my ever-growing scrap pile. Nice to be able to use some of that up

All the rest of the fabric came from Raspberry Creek. 😍

If you are new to sewing, in particular with knits, this pattern is a great place to start. The instructions are incredibly easy to follow and the construction is fairly basic. The only thing I thought might be a challenge to a novice seamstress would be the curved shape of the shoulder.

One tip to make the open shoulder and curved hem a little easier to finish: Use a removable basting stitch to help guide the fabric down. Even though it’s an extra step, it will actually save time and give you a cleaner finish. 😍 If you’ve never used a basting stitch as a guideline for a curved hem, here’s a quick tutorial on how to do it:

If you’ve ever tried sewing a curved hem, you know it can be a challenge to fold your material and get a clean finish. Furthermore, knits tend to stretch out and create a wave effect. Sewing a basting stitch, not only helps guide the fabric where you want it to go, but it also helps to keep it from stretching.

Here’s my sleeve, all cut out and ready to go… 😍

Adjust the stitch setting on your machine to the longest length. This will help the threads pull out easier when done. Sew along the curve, based on your seam allowance (for example: if your seam allowance is 1/2 inch, you will sew 1/2 inch from the edge). Be sure not to tie off the ends though. I used a contrasting thread so you can see it better. But don’t worry, it will be removed later

Now fold the material over, wrong sides facing, and pin in place. You’ll find that the stitch helps guide the fabric for you

Sew with coordinating thread, 😍 this time being sure to tie off your ends. Pull out your basting threads and discard. Iron any subsequent wrinkles out of your fabric and your done!

So go get your Peeka Top now at that special price. And be sure to come back here to use these tips with your curved hems. Now get sewing and have fun with this “not-so-basic” tee! 😍

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