NEW! Kendall Skirt from MODKID

When MODKID announced that they were looking for people to test a new pattern for a skirt, I didn’t hesitate to submit my info! Sight unseen. There weren’t even any photos yet but I knew it was gonna be good. And, boy was I right! Look at how much fun Anna is having her adorable new skirt!

The NEW Kendall Skirt (sizes 2t-12) is a high-waisted, ultra twirly skirt for the fun-loving little girl in your life. The pattern was released today at a special intro price of $5.99! Look for it at Craftsy or MODKID’s Etsy shop. 😍

For the material:

Can you believe, the day I was planning my fabric selection for this skirt it was 60 degrees (Fahrenheit) and sunny out? In February?! Most of America is going through a frozen snow storm right now and here we are in the Pacific Northwest, sittin’ pretty with our Spring-like weather (not to rub it in, folks!) I’m sure it inspired the thought behind my sunny yellow and pink skirt. This Vintage Market Bike Ride in pink from Riley Blake fits the bill. For the accent fabric, I chose this Fabulous Yellow Breath also from Riley Blake. Of course, you know I had to add some vintage flare as well. Lace is always an easy way to do that. 😍

Look how pretty the drape of this skirt is….

But, when it’s in motion is when it really comes to life!

So flouncy and twirly! 😍

You know it’s a been fun day when you come home with a runny nose and dirty clothes 😍

Anna absolutely loves her new skirt. She wants to wear it everywhere we go and we get compliments on it all the time. I’m proud to tell people I made this skirt and look forward to making more 😍

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