Muddy Tennis in a Hopscotch Dress

While the rest of America is gearing up for the Superbowl, our TV has been set to Tennis. The Australian opens are reaching the finals and, as always, it been exciting to watch. If you don’t follow tennis, I recommend giving it a try.

This little number Anna is wearing was made from a couple of tee shirts that I…um…out grew …(sigh) 🙁

Oh well, my loss is her gain….Or, is it my gain is her gain? Either way, Anna looks better in my clothes than I do.

I am sewing this dress for the Nothing But Knit sew along at Project Run and Play. 😍


The neck binding and her leggings were made from another one of Daddy’s ill-fitting tee shirts (I made her a tee shirt a couple weeks ago from one of them. You can find the back story in this post).

BTW: One of the perks of re-purposing old tee shirts? No hemming! 😍

The Hopscotch Top/Dress pattern from Oliver + S is a cute (and comfortable) little dress, perfect for a day out on the court.

I used the free Basic Leggings pattern from Sew Can She. 😍 The sizing seemed a little big, so to achieve a sportier look I made a couple of adjustments. Shortened the length, tighten up the legs, and VOILA!…..

…..Uh oh, rain delay. But when you live near a temperate rain forest, what do you expect? Certainly not the hot summer weather their having in Australia.

Definitely not Tennis weather. 😍

After a couple hours we got a nice little break from the rain. The sun even made an appearance (and so did the Canadian geese)!

Look at all that water! The first thing Anna did getting out of the car was to jump in a puddle. Nice….
Tennis anyone?

It’s another Oliver + S pattern. When Anna’s Swingset Skirt won the Sew Along a few months back, I was the luck recipient of a bunch of their adorable patterns. So you can expect to keep seeing their designs being used here 😍


So, now I get why they don’t play tennis on a wet court….

Slippery! 😍

This photo shoot was doomed from the beginning! Between rain delays, puddle jumping and slipping on the tennis court twice, our photo shoot was an epic FAIL!

Oh well, a little dirt and mud isn’t gonna stop this girl from having fun!

You did it!

Big brother came with us today! He also managed to slip and fall in a giant mud puddle. You can’t see in the picture but his entire lower half is soaked! Ha ha! Despite being wet and muddy, no one wanted to leave

The park got a new zip line recently. Shall we try it out? 😍

While the kids play, Mommy gets to enjoy this view of Lake Josephine

Even though Anna’s new outfit only lasted her about 2 seconds, I’d say she still had a good day today. Time to go home, throw it in the wash and wear it again on our next trip to the park 😍 (on a dryer day!)

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