Madeline Dress

This week’s theme with Project Run and Play is All that Glitters:  Metallics, glitter, sparkles, jewels…incorporate any (or all of these) into a look of your choice.. 😍

Oh, there so much that could be done for girls with shiny things. But how to incorporate that in with my vintage style? That soft, shabby chic vintage look that I am usually working towards makes this one a challenge for me. Luckily, I found this sweet cotton fabric featuring cute gold metallic bows at Joanns on sale (they don’t seem to have it in white anymore so I linked to their pink one). To add a little more sparkle to Anna’s dress, I used this shiny vintage costume lace along the hem.

I really wanted to go for a vintage look on this one. Lately, all my projects have been more on the modern side and I find myself feeling a little  vintage withdrawal. As part of The Sew What Club I get new patterns sent to me each month. But to get that vintage look I’m going for, I’m going back a few months to one of November’s pattern. The Madeline Dress from none other than Simple Simon & Co. What’s more shabby chic vintage than a simple A-line dress with a peter pan collar? 😍

I had the hardest time trying to get the sparkle in her dress to show in these photos. But trust me, the little gold bows sparkle and the lace really does shine.

We brought our puppy, Strudel, with us today 😍

This dress should be a little shorter and slimmer.I went up a size because I was hoping it would last her till Summer. With that in mind I also shortened the long sleeve to a 3/4 sleeve for warmer weather.

Come Again! 😍

Thanks for stopping by to check out my latest entry for Project Run & Play! Next week is the last week in this season and I think they’ve been saving the best for last. Be sure to come again and check it out 😉

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