Is It Spring Yet?

Is it too early to be thinking about Spring yet?  There’s still 2 more months of Winter but one can always dream. Fresh, clean air from Spring rains. Spring flowers emerge after a long hibernation. Gardeners plant their seeds, anticipating the year’s bounty. And the excited sound of kids playing outside after an eternity indoors. *Sigh….But until then…. 😍

The Monte Blanc Pattern from Sewing In No Man’s Land (the 2nd pattern this year from The Sew What Club) is an adorable little skirt with an optional bib and suspenders for Winter. But with Spring on the brain, minor adjustments will be made for Anna to get a lighter look (with a vintage theme of course) 😍

Rather than using a knit material that the patterns calls for, a vintage pillowcase with crochet flowers is just the ticket for a sweet Spring look. The pillowcase is wider than the pattern calls for, but since linen doesn’t stretch as knit does the extra material will give her more room to run and play.

Vintage eyelet lace was added to the suspenders. So sweetly, shabby chic and ready for Spring! 😍

The scalloped, hand crotchet edge of the pillowcase adds such a sweet element to this skirt.

At 51 degrees F, it sure feels like Spring! Even the birds are out looking for worms after a nice rain.

Who can resist running into a field of birds! 😍

This little garden patch yielded pumpkins last season. Anna was a little bummed to find it empty. Ah well, we’ll try again in 6 months

Nothing growing yet. 😍

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