I accept the challenge (Kids Clothes Week- Day 7)

Day 7- The final day of the Kids Clothes Week challenge.

It’s the last day of Kids Clothes Week. We’ve had a busy week of sewing and photo shoots. Anna’s starting to feel (and act) like the little princess she is. Ha ha, maybe we should cool it with all the photos 😍

Vintage, blue floral tablecloth with eyelet lace (but not for long….)

For my last project, I decided to transform a vintage table cloth into a dress for Anna. Most of the vintage linens in my stash have embroidery, but every once in a while I come across vintage material with a great print I can’t pass up. 😍 When I found this table cloth, I just knew it could be made into something cute.

I made a simple A-line dress with a center pleat on the front. The
arm straps were embellished with vintage lace and I kept the eyelet trim along the bottom of the dress. This was a very simple dress to make. But then again, sometimes simple is best. Less is more. And so on…. 😍

All week long we’ve been pretty lucky with weather. It’s been dry and fairly warm for our area, so photo shoots have been easy. But today, we walked outside to our typical Pacific Northwest weather….rain with a chilly breeze. Anna stayed under the cover of the front porch while I sacrificed myself in the rain to get some decent shots. Had to be quick too so she wouldn’t freeze. But she wasn’t complaining. 😍 It’s always fun to come outside and check out the pumpkins 😉

Ha ha, she’s trying not to get her dress wet 😍
Our old (14 yrs old) and very lazy kitty came out of hiding just long enough to check it out too.

Now that the Kids Clothes Week challenge is over, what am I going to do with myself? Maybe I’ll clean the house, or do some laundry, or………. maybe I’ll find another challenge to take part in;)

😍 In the mean time, I was just given a bunch of vintage linens by another resident of our little Island. Probably take a while to go through all of it. Can’t wait to see what goodies are hiding in there. Keep an eye on my shop Anna’s Heirloom Boutique for new items soon 😍

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