How To Sew An Adjustable Strap

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Exciting news!!! I recently had the pleasure of guest-blogging for Seams and Scissors. What an amazing opportunity to share my love of creating all things beautiful! I designed and wrote up a super simple-to-make vintage-style Hipster Bag (check it out HERE). Trust me, you’ll want to make these sweet, little bags for EVERYONE! 😍 So, how ’bout we take it a step further? Let me show you How To Sew An Adjustable Strap for your bag.

How To Sew An Adjustable Strap
Materials Needed:
Woven Fabric
2 – 1 in. D-Rings (I used these ones) 😍

The first thing you are going to do is cut out your new strap. Instead of making one long, continuous strap (as instructed in my Hipster Bag tutorial), you will be making two pieces. A long one, and a short one (the adjustable part of the strap).

The Long Piece: 45in. long X 4 in. wide
The Short Piece: 12 in. long X 4 in. wide.
Let’s Fold ’em: 😍

On each piece, fold one end 1/2 in. (wrong sides together) and press.


😍 Now, fold your straps in half (lengthwise) and press.

Open them up and fold the edges in toward the middle (just like making bias tape). Press


Then, fold along the original, middle line again, and give them a final press. 😍 Edgestitch, 1/8 in. from the edge to close them up.


Next, we will sew in the D-rings. Slip both D-rings onto the end of the long strap. Fold the end over 1 in. to enclose the rings and sew into place. Make sure you use a good, strong stitch (or just go over it a couple of times) as this will be holding the weight of the bag once finished.


Sew on the straps and finish assembling the purse, following my Hipster Bag tutorial (or, if using another pattern, follow those instructions). Just remember, you are working with 2 strap pieces now, instead of 1. 😍

Once you have finished sewing the bag, you’ll need to feed the strap through the D-rings.

How To Feed The Strap Through The D-Rings 😍

It’s pretty simple, but if you’ve never done it before, here’s how:

First, bring the shorter strap through both D-rings.


Then, spread the D-rings apart.


Now, bring the end over the first ring and through the second. Keep pulling it through until you’ve reached your desired length. 😍


Last, give it a little tug to tighten the d-rings. And, done! So simple 😍

Now, you have a beautiful purse with an adjustable strap! Enjoy!


😍 With an adjustable strap, the gifting possibilities are endless! Make one for Mom this Mother’s Day. Maybe someone has a Birthday coming up. Or, how about multiples (think wedding party or family reunion!)?

Who will you make a Hipster Bag for?


Cheers! 😍

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