How To Sew a Faux Corset- Featuring SisBoom

Hello, lovely sewing ladies (and gents)!

Today, I will be showing you how to sew a faux corset with modesty panel. 😍

It’s my turn to share my hack for the Angie Pattern Hack-a-Thon from SisBoom! Have you been following along? The Angie Dress has a simple, classic design that lends itself well as the base for whatever your wild imagination conjures up. There has already been some great inspiration on the tour that I can’t wait to try 😍

Today, I am sharing how I gave my Angie a Faux Corset with Modesty Panel. With wedding season right around the corner, this would be a perfect way to add a little something special to your ensemble. And, it’s super easy too!

Oh, not to mention! A “Faux” Corset (as opposed to a real one) can be laced and tied yourself before putting the dress on. Handy, if you don’t happen to have someone close by to tie you up (so to speak, Ha!)

So, here is a  step-by-step of how I hacked the Angie Dress with a Faux Corset 😍

Making a Faux corset is really not as hard as it sounds. It’s basically just a matter of cutting your back bodice piece down the middle (as opposed to ‘on the fold’) to make 2 mirrored pieces. Add a lining, eyelets/grommets, and a tie. That’s it! Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

BTW:  I am doing this hack for the Angie Hack-a-Thon Tour, but my method can be done with most any woven pattern that has no closures in the back.

Materials Needed:
Pattern + Fabric (refer to pattern for fabric requirements) 😍
Interfacing (medium – lightweight)
Ribbon (or other material for the tie)
Eyelets /Grommets (I used Dritz(R) Eyelet Refill 5/32 Inch – Brass 100/Pkg)
Let’s get started!
Prep Work:

Cut out your fabric per the pattern instructions.

EXCEPT the back will need to be cut down the middle into 2 pieces (not on the fold). Sew in your darts (if your pattern has them).

😍 Repeat with lining material.

Modesty Panel: Make a rectangle the length of the height of the back bodice (where the original fold line would have been) x 4 in. wide. Use this to cut 2 from your main fabric.

Interfacing (Medium to Lightweight): 😍

Cut 1 for Modesty Panel (see pic above).
Also cut 2, the length of your bodice x 1 inch wide.

Iron your strips of interfacing to the middle edge of your back bodice pieces, 1/4 in.* from the edge. Also, iron interfacing to one of your modesty panel pieces.

*The Angie uses 1/4 in. seam allowance. If you are using another pattern with different seam allowance, iron the interfacing according to that.

Let’s Start Sewing 😍

Sew pieces together for the Modesty Panel, right-sides-facing. Leave bottom open for turning.

Clip corners, turn right-side-out and press. Set aside.

Sew in Your Lining

😍 Sew bodice pieces together at the shoulders (per pattern instructions) and press seams open. Repeat with lining.

Now, we are going to sew the lining to the main fabric. With right-sides-facing, pin them together along the back edges and around the neckline. Stitch.

Clip the curves of your seam allowance. Turn right-side-out and press the seam allowance down toward the lining.
Open it back up, and understitch the seam allowance of the neckline to the lining. Try to sew nice and close to the seam. Understitching will help keep your neckline from wanting to roll during wash and wear.

Turn inside-out again and sew the shoulders. Clip seam allowance, turn right-side-out and press.


Match up the side seams of the front bodice piece to the back piece. Open them up, pin and stitch together.


Turn bodice right-side-out and press. Topstitch  1/8 in. along the back edges.


Now you have a completed bodice, ready to add your faux corset 😍

Sewing the Faux Corset

Mark your eyelet placement. I just used a pencil so it’s easier to see (it’s just going to get cut out, anyway). I am using small, 5/32 in. eyelets on my dress. I measured 1/2 in from the edge and spaced them 1 1/2 in. apart. But, we aint followin’ rules here! There is no rule for how many eyelets you need. Just use the amount you want, and space them the way you think looks best on your garment

😍 Then, following manufacturer instructions, apply your eyelets. Repeat for other side.

Find your center… of the modesty panel, that is.

To do this, I just folded it in half and lightly ironed a line down the middle. Pin your bodice on top of the modesty panel 1/4 in.* from the middle line, or center of panel. Use lots of pins to keep it in place.

*Seam allowance for the Angie dress is 1/4 in. Pinning 1/4 in. from the middle of the panel coincides with seam allowance lost when cutting the back bodice down the middle. Place your panel according to your seam allowance on the pattern you are working with. For example: if your pattern has 1/2 seam allowances, place your bodice 1/2 in. from the center of panel.

Stitch all the way down, about 1/8 in. from the edge of the modesty panel. Repeat for other side.

Here is what your modesty panel should look like from the inside…. 😍

And, here is what you have on the outside. Beautiful!

That’s it! All that’s left now is to attach your lovely new bodice to your skirt (follow pattern instructions).

And you’re done! Lace her up and enjoy 😍

BTW: This is a great way to add a little pop of color to your dress with a bold colored ribbon. Or, incorporate wedding colors into your dress that don’t normally look good on you (like yellow for me).

Oh! Guess what! This Faux Corset tutorial has been featured at All Free Sewing. 😍

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😍 And, happy sewing! <3

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