How I Pamper Vintage Linens

Hey, all! With all the preparing I’ve been doing to re-open my Etsy Shop, I keep neglecting to write.
So today, I thought I’d give you an inside look at one of the less glamorous, but sooo important, tasks in my day-to-day operations. How I pamper vintage linens. But, since cleaning is one of the less appealing aspects of my job, I’ve given it a better name: Spa Day! 😍

Because after all, vintage linens are often forgotten and neglected. Packed away in a dusty attic, shoved in the back of an unused drawer or sitting on a thrift store shelf, waiting for someone to rescue it from its sad fate.  Many of the vintage linens that come into my possession have dirt and grime, stains, or musty odors. These lovely linens deserve a day of pampering.

Poor thing. This vintage hankie deserves a refreshing day at the spa.

Take this vintage hankie, for example. 😍 Someone, years ago, took their time to stitch this lovely floral design. Isn’t it cute? But, just look at all that grime. Most people would see that and throw this beauty straight in the trash. NO, NO, NO! We can’t have that! This sad, little hankie just needs some love.

Bubble Bath

Let’s start with a warm, sudsy bubble bath. For vintage linens, a little dish soap works well to remove surface dirt and grime. And, nothing soothes and pampers the soul better than a nice relaxing soak in a luxurious bubble bath. 😍

My “assistant” helps with the wash
Hot Tub

Next, vintage linens spend time in the rolling bubbles of a Jacuzzi (aka: simmering on the stove in this charming vintage enamel pot). I’ve added baking soda and the tiniest amount of dish soap to the water. This will help whiten, and ensure that the linens come out smelling fresh and clean. About an hour or 2 should do the trick! 😍

PS: If you are trying this at home, BE CAREFUL. Rolling water and dish soap can send a mountain of suds pouring over in the blink of an eye (seriously, they come out of nowhere). Keep the temp low enough to just simmer, not boil

PSS: Incidentally, his method works well for whitening enamel pots as well! I bought this vintage pot dirt cheap at a rummage sale because the inside was stained from years of lovingly, home cooked meals. Now, it looks like new! 😍

A little time in the hot tub.
Final Soak

Finally, vintage linens get another quick soak in soapy water to remove the baking soda…

As you can see, 😍 my assistant is quite thorough at her job, lol.

All I have to do now is hang them to dry and these vintage linens have been refreshed and rejuvenated.

A New Life 😍

Now, I can give them new life and purpose. This is my favorite part of up-cycling! Saving these precious linens from the landfill and giving them a second chance. I turned our no longer sad and dingy hankie into a beautiful coin purse. Just look how lovely it is now! This coin purse will make a great accessory to hold small, misc. items in your purse. Or, use it as a charming way to store precious/heirloom jewelry. But, my favorite use for vintage linen coin purses is as an alternative to a ring pillow. Their timeless style and beauty make them perfect for wedding ceremonies!

A glorious new life as a coin purse! 😍
Save The Date!

Now that you’ve had a glimpse of the day-to-day operations of up-cycling vintage linens, be sure to mark your calendar with an important date. Elegance Anew is re-opening Friday, April 20th, just in time for Earth Day. What better time to open an up-cycling business, then over Earth Day weekend?

See you there! 😍

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