FINALLY! Sewing for my Boy

Well, it’s about time! A sewing project for the boys! 😍

So far, all of my projects here have revolved around Anna. But what about my boys? Anna has 3 (that’s right, 3!) older brothers. They tend to get left out when it comes to sewing. Patterns for boys always seem to either be too young-looking or just aren’t available in the sizes I need. My 2 oldest boys are turning 12 and 14 this month, and there just isn’t much out there for them (pattern wise). At least, nothing they approve of anyway.

So, when Terra’s Treasures came out with the Elevation Hoodie, going all the way up to size 16, I jumped for joy. Unfortunately, my oldest is outgrowing a 16 and about ready for men’s sizes already (how does this happen so fast? 😍 ). Why couldn’t this pattern have come out a year sooner? 😉 And my 12 year old is still not willing to let me sew for him. He’s too cool for school, if you know what I mean. So that leaves me with my younger guy, Liam (7 years old).

This hoodie is actually perfect for Liam. Liam has ADHD along with a social anxiety. Whenever he’s in social situations, like going to school, he wears a hood. It’s kind of like a security blanket for him. His school is very understanding about this and recognizes that it helps him focus on his school work when he wears it. Only problem is, we are headed into some warmer weather here in the Pacific Northwest. He will still wear a hoodie in 90 degree temps. It killed me to watch him sweat it out last Summer, but he insisted on wearing it. 😍

So basically, even though this pattern was designed for use with thicker knits (like sweater fleece or french terry) I decided to try it out with a thinner jersey knit instead. Hopefully, this will give him a way to still wear his “security” hoodie in class without getting too hot during the final months of school.

Since I’m using a thinner material than the pattern suggests, I decided to sew one up for Anna first as a tester to make sure I was getting the sizing right. Going down a size to accommodate for the thinner material worked well for her, so I did the same with Liam’s. 😍

The fabrics I used all came from Raspberry Creek, except for the purple on Anna’s shirt. That, I already had in my stash. This material is so soft and comfy, Liam requested I make him P.J.’s with it. I think I just may….

Upon seeing Liam’s new hoodie, my 12 year old (you know, that’s too cool for Mom to sew for?) asked me to make him one! I’d say this hoodie is definitely a winner 🙂

Goofy kid 😍

Who knows? Maybe I’ll try another one without the sleeves for Summer. 😍  And of course, since this pattern goes all the way up to size 16, when Fall rolls back around I can make him warmer ones as the pattern intended.

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