CUTE! Animal Pillow Zombies

All right, all you lovely ladies out there. Today, I have a non-clothing related sewing project that I am SOOO excited to share here with you.

I recently had the privilege of working with Rebecca Page as a contributor to her blog and website over at Mummykins and Me. I designed a super fun pattern/tutorial for these CUTE! Animal Pillows + A lesson on how to do a Ladder Stitch for a clean finish. And, guess what? It’s FREE! 😍

Featuring a butterfly, bunny, bird or a kitty, any little girl would LOVE to snuggle with these cute little pillows. My little girl sleeps with her’s every night <3

They would also work as cute decor for Spring, too! (Scroll down to download the FREE pattern)

But, what about the boys?

😍 Once I had these CUTE! Animal Pillows sewn up for my daughter, my 8 year old son promptly asked me where his pillow was?

Well, I have to say it never occurred to me that my boy would want one! So, of course, I had to come up with something a little more boy-ish for him. Hence, the CUTE! Animal Pillow ZOMBIE!

These pillows are super easy to make. Here’s how: 😍

First thing’s first. Hop on over to Mummykins and Me and download my FREE pattern.

CUTE! Animal Pillow pattern/tutorial. 😍

The first thing I did was to make a quick drawing of what my ZOMBIE pillows will look like. My son requested a zombie bunny and kitty, but all 4 of these cute little critters can be zombified (that’s a real word right?) You can totally skip this step, but it’s good to have it as a reference while your doing the embroidery. Here’s mine:

Then I used chalk to copy my sketch on to the fabric. Normally, I like to use a washable marker, but I up-cycled an old sheet for this project and my marker bleeds right through this material. So, chalk it is for this one! 😍

Then, I just used a simple backstitch to embroider the facial features and scars. Fabric paint can be used too for more detailed, gruesome features (if your kids have a strong stomache) 😉

I used red embroidery floss to string on a button for the eyeball. GROSS! 😍

Once all the facial features are done, it’s time to sew your back piece on (follow the instructions in the tutorial). To create a bite mark, I just sewed along my drawn lines and cut off the extra material. It’s important to clip the seam allowance here to get a clean finish as well.

😍 Then flip your zombie right side out and press (per the instructions in the tutorial). I used the same red embroidery floss to sew a blanket stitch around the bite mark to make it look bloody. EWWW!

Follow the instructions in the tutorial to stuff and close up your pillow.

And you’re done! 😍

Boys and girls alike will love these Zombie pillows as much as they love their CUTE Animal Pillows.

You can also use them to embellish your livingroom for Halloween or a Zombie-themed birthday party. The sky’s the limit with this fun pillow tutorial! 😍

Happy sewing!



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