Container Gardening with Kids- Starting Seeds Indoors

In addition to sewing, I also enjoy gardening. With growing season upon us, it will start to consume more of my time. So it makes since to share my gardening adventures here with you. Not that I’m an expert or anything. Far from it. Just as with sewing, there is always something so be learned with gardening. My hope is just to share what I do know and continue to learn more along the way.

We are currently in the process of buying a new 😍 home. We will have a good sized lot but most of it is wooded and subsequently, the rest is in the shade. The only space that gets much sun is the nice big deck out back. Container gardening seems to be a good solution for us with our limited space.

Our loan is set to close in a few weeks, so I can’t quite set up my container garden just yet. I can, however, get some seeds started and ready for transplanting once we’ve settled in.

Today, we are starting some cool weather plants. We have 2 types of lettuce, some kale, and strawberry spinach. Wait, “strawberry” spinach? Yup, never heard of this before. Apparently, they get berries on them. The kids thought it sounded cool so we’re going to give this a try 😍

We are using these expandable seed starting pellets. Just add warm water and watch them grow (Btw, this is very entertaining for the kids too). To make things easy, we’re just using a cookie sheet for this.

Speaking of kids, this is also a great rainy day activity to do with the kids. In my experience, they are always more willing to eat their veggies when they helped grow them. Plus, it teaches them to appreciate where their food comes from. Liam, our 7 year old, is helping me plant the seeds.

Btw, Liam is wearing his new Elevation hoodie I just sewed up. Stay tuned for a post on this soon 😍

Temperatures outside are perfect for lettuce right now, but we’ve been getting so much rain lately. We are going to keep these inside for now so they don’t get water-logged. I just folded up some foil to use as temporary seed trays till I can move them outside. I placed the seed packets underneath so we don’t forget which is which.

And we’re done. Super easy. 😍 I have something really cool in store for these lettuce seeds. It’s a unique method I’ve used for a couple years to save space and water and will be perfect for a patio garden. (I’ll give you a hint: I’ll be using water bottles. Lots and lots of water bottles.) Be sure to check back in soon to see what it is 🙂

Here are some Nardello peppers we started last month. If you’ve never heard of these, I totally recommend them.

They are an Italian grilling pepper that has a similar (but sweeter) taste to bell peppers. Delicious in eggs and anything else you would normally add bell peppers to.They are my husband’s absolute favorite so we grow them every year. 😍

That’s another perk to growing your own food. You can try new things you won’t find in the grocery store. It’s a great way to expand your family’s palate.

find great satisfaction in seeing my kids eating the food that came from my garden. Homegrown veggies have more nutrients than their store-bought counterparts, not to mention they just taste better. I’m looking forward to seeing what the season brings this year. 😍

Thanks for sticking around to read my first container gardening post. Please come back often through out the growing season to see my garden progress and get more planting tips.

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