Color Me

It’s Kids Clothes Week again! The theme this season is “Toys.” Clothes inspired by toys, clothes that look like toys, clothes that are toys….well, you get the picture. One of Anna’s favorite things to do is color. So what’s more perfect than a dress made from fabric she can color on! 😍

A few months back, Anna and I were scrolling through and came across this Color Me fabric together. It’s fun to let Anna look at fabric with me, that way I know I’m buying something actually likes. Not to mention, for a 3 year old, she’s got pretty good taste.

Initially, Anna was reluctant to color on her new dress. How many times do we as parents scold our kids for coloring on their clothes (or the walls, or the furniture, or the dog….)? I had to show her it was OK so I colored in one of the heart balloons. Once she got it, she was so excited! 😍

BTW, when I initially bought this Color Me fabric a few months ago, I had no idea it was designed by Hayley  from Welcome to the Mouse House. Now that I know, I like it that much better!

Look how happy she is 😍

If the dress looks familiar, it’s because I just made one from the same pattern not that long ago 😍 . The simple design of the Madeline Dress by Simple Simon & Co. for the Sew What Club, was perfect to showcase the Color Me fabric. Plus, I still had the pattern out. Might as well use it again before putting it away.

For the peter pan collar, I used Keepsake Calico Gold Metallic Birds on Mint from Joann’s. It adds a touch of whimsy with the birds flying above the princess and her castle. Not that it needed more whimsy. This material is magical all on it’s own 😍

Anna’s pretending to be a bird in a tree. Good thing she’s only about a foot off the ground.

It wasn’t easy, but I was able to match up the designs on that center seam up the middle of the back. Mostly….

Isn’t this a cool old tree? Not sure what happened to it, but it still produces apples in the summer

Until next time…. 😍

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