sewing portfolio profileHello Friends! First of all, let me just tell you…

I am NOT computer literate!

What was I thinking? Starting an online business and participating in social media…. and blogging?! I must be insane…

I am a stay-at-home-mama to 4 crazy kids, and wife to the most incredible (but equally insane) husband. We recently moved our family out of the manic rat-race of the city, to a tiny Island in the Pacific Northwest. I home-school my oldest son who has Autism Spectrum Disorder and I am constantly advocating for his younger brother with ADHD; all while catering to my little Princess Diva (ummm..I mean, daughter) and juggling play dates. Despite all this, I somehow find time to sew!

While I love sewing everyday clothes for the kiddos to run around and play in, my real passion is anything vintage and vintage-inspired. Re-fashioning Daddy’s old shirt to make a fun, new dress for his little girl, or up-cycling a vintage embroidered hankie into a shabby chic coin purse. In fact, my obsession (yes, obsession) runs so deep that I sew wayyy more items than I could ever use. So I opened an Etsy shop to help spread the, uh… wealth!

You can check out my vintage creations over at my Etsy shop!

Thanks for joining me in my journey of learning and sewing. And maybe somewhere along the line, I’ll actually figure out this computer stuff. Ha! <3



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