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My Quest To Build a Better Etsy Business – Part 3

My Quest To Build a Better Etsy Business – Part 3

Finding My Ideal Audience

Hello! Welcome back to my My Quest To Build a Better Etsy Business Series. If you’re new to me or the series, I am your average, non-business minded Etsy shop owner trying to improve my Etsy shop. I am looking to achieve more of the business status I want, as apposed to the hobby status that it’s been so far. I have been working (and studying) hard behind the scenes. Attending lots of BORING online classes and free webinars (enduring the subsequent sales pitch that comes with each one). All in an effort to make my Etsy business more of a success.

Quick re-cap

In My Quest To Build a Better Etsy Business Series – Part 1, we talked about Deciding on a Product Line. Narrowing down my product line to just kiss lock coin purses and handbags, giving my shop more ‘focus’.

Part 2 of my series, was about Re-Branding. I re-named the business and made a snazzy new logo to go with it! A fresh start.

My Quest To Build a Better Etsy Business, Part 2
Fancy new logo!

Part 3 – Finding My Ideal Audience

Today, I am re-evaluating my audience. Because… again… I had it all wrong!

My Quest To Build a Better Etsy Business, Part 3
Finding My Ideal Audience

Then again, it shouldn’t be a huge surprise. Before narrowing down my product line, I was trying to make something for everyone. For some crazy reason I thought that having more variety would bring more customers. I had too many different products that didn’t relate to, or complement each other. Apparently, this is a common mistake for many Etsy shop owners.

One thing I keep hearing said over and over again is, “If you’re marketing for everyone, you’re marketing for NO one.” Essentially, I’ve been making it impossible to determine my audience.  So, now that I have my product line narrowed down, it’s time to narrow down my niche as well.

The most recent webinar I attended was geared toward discovering your “Ideal Customer” and where to look for them. The main idea I took away from this was about thinking outside the box. Finding your ideal customer in places you might not have thought to look before. Rather than looking in the obvious places, look for people in other niches that might find your product appealing.

For example: With my focus now on coin purses and handbags, my first instinct was to look at other sites for purses and women’s fashion to see who their customers were. WRONG.

First of all, my goal is not to poach other businesses’ customers. I mean, we’re all trying to make a living here, right? Second, if I am marketing in the same places my competitors are, I am just another sheep in the herd. There’s nothing to make me stand out.

Time to grab my coffee, sit back and have a good think…

My Quest To Build a Better Etsy Business - part 3
Think, think, think…

Thinking outside the box

What other angle can I use to promote my handmade items? What feature do my purses all seem to have in common that might interest a customer?

The vintage embroidered linens I up-cycle to make my purses, for the most part, all feature floral designs. Most of them have a floral motif in some form or other. Whether it’s a bouquet of flowers, birds holding flowers, or a basket full of flowers… flowers are definitely a predominate feature in these beloved linens.

And, who else loves and appreciates flowers as much as the women of yesteryear? Gardeners. Of course!

Holy cow! How have I never thought of this before?! I mean, ‘garden’ and ‘vintage’ kinda go hand in hand, right? So many gardeners love finding and re-purposing vintage items to incorporate in their gardens (I know I do!) We’ve all seen pics on Pinterest of a flower-covered vintage bicycle leaning up on a garden fence, or old wooden chairs turned into planters. Chances are,  gardeners will appreciate that my purses are up-cycled from vintage material.

I think I may be on to something here!

My Quest To Build a Better Etsy Business - part 3

But, here’s the thing…

I have always had my heart set on my purses being used in wedding ceremonies. My coin purses are a unique and charming alternative to a ring pillow. And, my handbags would be amazing in place of a flower petal basket for flower girls. Not to mention, they are perfect for storing precious jewelry once festivities are done.

Maybe, I can tie weddings with my gardening idea.  My purses would be perfect in garden and nature-themed weddings, vintage-inspired, or country and shabby chic weddings. This way, I am still being true to myself and my vision, but with a better focus. WIN!

My Quest To Build a Better Etsy Business - part 3
Love her vintage-inspired dress!

Now, don’t get me wrong…

My mission isn’t to just randomly push my products on brides and gardeners. I don’t wanna go around pissing people off, right? But, what I can do is use tags on social media that will put my products in their feeds and in front of their eyes without invading their space.

How do I know what tags to use? Well, I did a little espionage work.

I turned to Instagram!

My Quest To Build a Better Etsy Business - part 3
Investigative Instagramming!

I went on Instagram and looked up #gardening. Found a garden lovers page that had about a zillion followers. Clicked on a pic that had a lot of likes and comments and took note of some of the tags that had been used. Then I clicked on a few user profiles of people who had commented on the photo to get to know them a little. Customers who have purchased my coin purses in the past, mainly seem to be women in their 30’s – 40’s, so I specifically looked for women in that age group. Next, I looked for any gardening posts they might have in their feeds to see what tags they are using.

I used this strategy to look thru several different gardening pages, as well as some wedding pages too. The hope is that, finding common tags between these people that can be used to accurately describe my product, will get my posts in front of people that will appreciate what my products are all about. The best part? This didn’t cost me any money. Using these hashtags won’t cost me anything. I can essentially market myself for FREE while I work to build a client base. All because I invested a little bit of time. Can’t beat it!

How About You!

Are you an Etsy shop owner trying to get a better handle on your business? Or, thinking about starting one?

Did you find the info here useful and inspiring?

Let me know in the comments, below!

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My Quest To Build a Better Etsy Business, Part 3
Finding My Ideal Audience



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