Exciting Things Are Happening!

Exciting Things Are Happening!

Hey, friends! Exciting Things Are Happening!

But, first! A little explanation….

As many of you know, I am a stay-at-home Mom to an active brood of 4 kids. This happened after baby #4 arrived and day care literally cost more than the paycheck I was bringing in. There were a lot of adjustments we had to make in going down to just 1 income, but was well worth it to be home with my kids. At the same time, I still wanted to bring something to the table, so I opened an Etsy Shop.

Exciting Things Are Happening

Problem is, I am CLUELESS at running a business. So, is it a total surprise that 3 years later I am still not making and money?At this point, my Etsy business is still nothing more than just a hobby.

So, I have been doing a lot of soul searching!

Trying to decide what road I should go down:

  1. After 3 unsuccessful years, do I give up and close shop?
  2. Do I just forge ahead and hope something pans out.
  3. Should I try a different approach?

Well,#2 can’t be an option. I mean, isn’t that what I have already been doing this whole time? Just throwing my handmade items in the shop and hoping people come to buy them? And, giving up is definitely NOT an option. I still want to bring a little bacon to the table. So, that leaves me with option #3: Trying a different approach.

But, here’s the thing….

I SUCK at business. My passion is sewing and creating. This artistic and creative little brain just can’t fathom how to turn my passion into a profit. Soooo… I hit the keyboard (umm, not literally) looking for help. Turns out, there are like a MILLION online courses, tutorials and webinars out there specifically for people like me! Masters in our craft but clueless how to successfully get them out there for others to enjoy.

 Turns out, I’ve been doing this thing ALL WRONG!

So, I am going back to the drawing board. Re-branding my self and starting fresh. Coming up with an actual business plan with some real strategery (hey, it’s a real word)!

Still going to up-cycle vintage linens. That’s not changing. But, my shop will have more ‘focus’. Creating a deliberate product line, rather than all the randomness that’s been in the shop so far. My best-selling item to date has been my Vintage Up-Cycled Coin Purses, so I think we’ll start there. Exciting things are happening behind the scenes with those (wink, wink).

But, other items will be leaving….

Exciting Things Are Happening

Sadly, I have decided to scrap my dolls and doll houses from the shop. As cute as they are, they just don’t fit with my Vintage Up-Cycle theme. However, I will still leave the Sew Along available for anyone looking to make their own!

Pattern Testing and Blog Tours

I have also decided to drastically limit pattern testing and blog tours. If you’ve been a follower here, you know I spent much of last year testing sewing patterns for other designers. As fun as it’s been to learn and grow through them, it’s time to focus on making money for ME. Not them! I’m not cutting out pattern testing entirely. There are a couple designers I will still be working with. And, I will still participate in the occasional blog tour (in fact, I have one coming up soon). Just slowing it wayyyy down to focus on the shop.

I Better Get to Work!

I am soooo excited for the new direction the Shop will be taking! How about you? I will be feverishly working behind the scenes to create fresh new products. I’m on a mission here, folks! New look, new name, new inventory… All while staying true to my love of vintage embroidered linens. My goal is to have this all done by the end of April. In the mean time, I will be sure to post updates and pics along the way.

Ok, off to work….!



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