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TAMI Got A Face Lift!

TAMI Got A Face Lift!

Fall is in the air!

At least, it is here in the Pacific Northwest. Despite our grey and gloomy weather we are known for, the cooler temps are a nice respite from the heat of Summer. It’s also SWEATER SEASON! Yahhhh!!! And, guess what…. Remember that double hoodie pattern I tested a while back? (see it HERE)  Well, it’s back! And, it’s better than ever. The TAMI Revolution Hoodie from New Horizons Designs  got a face lift! Just in time for Fall <3

And the good news is…

If you already own the TAMI pattern, you will automatically get the updated pattern for FREE. Just check your New Horizons  account for the revised file. NICE! I love it when designers do this! <3

But if you DON’T already own it, you’re in luck. I have provided purchase info at the end of this post…. 😉

TAMI Revolution Hoodie

TAMI’s Features:

The updated TAMI has all the same features as the original:

  • 3 Different Hood Options: Double hood, cross-over hood, or standard hood
  • 2 Zipper Options: A full zip, or a decorative shoulder zip
  • Pocket Options: Kangaroo pocket, or in-seam pockets
  • 2 lengths to choose from
  • 2 Cuff Designs: Standard, or thumbhole cuffs
  • Optional drawstring

The main difference you’ll notice, is in the fit. The TAMI Revolution Hoodie now features a slimmer fit for a more flattering silhouette. In addition, it seemed that some people were having issues with the hood pulling back on the original Tami. Well, no more! The neckline got refined, and the hood trimmed down to reduce weight. The result? A super comfy, double hoodie that can be worn all day without any pulling. And, trust me… you’ll want to wear this amazing hoodie all day. EVERY day!

TAMI Revolution Hoodie

You just can’t go wrong with a good hoodie.

Their comfort and classic style make them cold-weather wardrobe staples, for sure. But, TAMI‘s features absolutely sets this one apart from the others. The side accent zip and asymmetrical hood are totally on trend. Not to mention, double-hooded sweatshirts have been popping up all over the internet lately, too. I mean…have you scrolled Pinterest lately? 😉

Let’s Talk About the Zipper!

I don’t know about you, but I always have the hardest time finding fashionable zippers. The zippers I come across in my local shops are usually pretty underwhelming. Hobby Lobby has some cute, lacey ones. But those have to be sewn in a little differently.

Finally, I figured I’d check Amazon. I mean, why not? They have everything, right? I was surprised to find an amazing array of decorative zippers and accessories. And, the prices weren’t bad either. Not to mention, FREE 2-day shipping. YES, please! Living on an island and relying on a ferry, this is a HUGE plus for me. Here is a link to the zippers I found and used, but they have tons more, too. Go check it out!

TAMI Revolution Hoodie

And, I love a good thumb hole cuff! When it gets cold, the thumb hole cuff helps keep hands warm while still allowing you to use them (see demonstration, below) 😉

TAMI Revolution Hoodie

Perfect for spending a rainy day inside, doing a little drawing. Here I am, starting illustrations for book #3 in the Little Cakes Series. In addition to sewing, I have started illustrating the children’s books my husband writes. And, in my new hoodie, my hands stay nice and warm!

TAMI Revolution Hoodie

BTW: Who ever invented quilted knit was a friggin’ genius! So warm and cozy. Perfect for our chilly Pacific NW weather. This floral quilted knit was from Raspberry Creek Fabrics CLUB line. I love the vintage-inspired floral design of this luscious material. Totally, right up my alley! Sadly, this print is sold out. But, rumor has it another design is coming soon!

TAMI Revolution Hoodie

But, wait…there’s more!

Because, you know I couldn’t just stop at one… I made a another TAMI Revolution Hoodie! This time, with quilted knit I found at Joanns. This particular fabric was pretty popular in our testing group. You’ll even see it featured on the cover photo of the pattern itself. My local Joanns only had it in grey and black. I wish they had more colors. I’d buy them ALL!

TAMI Revolution Hoodie

The pink fabric is the popular Mauve French Terry that Raspberry Creek Fabrics can’t seem to keep in stock. This color is totally IT right now, and sells out so quickly. I was lucky to get some! What better way to show it off, then with the TAMI <3

TAMI Revolution Hoodie

I am so, totally in LOVE with the TAMI Revolution Hoodie. Words can not express how much I love it! These hoodies are going to get a LOT of wear this season.

Where to Purchase

So, if you’d like to get your hands on this amazing pattern, head on over to New Horizons. The designer is offering a discount on the TAMI Revolution Hoodie (no coupon needed). Get the pattern for just $7 thru Sept. 25th.

TAMI Revolution Hoodie

Happy sewing! <3

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