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Dolls House Quiet Book Sew Along – Day 3 GIVEAWAY

Dolls House Quiet Book Sew Along – Day 3 GIVEAWAY


Welcome to Dolls House Quiet Book Sew Along – Day 3 GIVEAWAY! How is your Dolls House coming along so far? Still looking for more ideas and inspiration? Maybe I can help with that!

Since I am working on my THIRD Dolls House (my first 2 are the ones you see in the PDF pattern tutorial), I wanted to change things up a bit. I had some ideas for different ways to use the Dolls House pattern pieces to make alternative rooms and features. You won’t find these ideas in the PDF pattern. So, I’m excited to share them with you HERE!

Swimmin’ Hole turned into a Carrot Patch!

The Dolls House Quiet Book pattern includes pattern pieces to make a swimmin’ hole. Your softy dolly can take a refreshing dip in the water, and try to catch a few fish while he’s at it!

But, what if you wanted something a little more in the garden variety for your Dolls House? Why not turn the swimmin’ hole into a carrot patch? All I did was, cut the tail off the fish, add a little embroidery floss for the leaves, some creative stitching, and VIOLA! Carrot patch! Easy peasy 😉

Another fun idea for you….

Fussy Cutting

My daughter LOVES kitties! So, I added a little something special to the front window of her Dolls House. This cute little kitty appears to be looking out the window from the inside. She was fussy cut from a scrap of fabric I used to make a top for my daughter a while back (read my post about the top HERE). Then, I just sewed around the perimeter to secure her in place.

BTW: If you’re not familiar with the term fussy cut, it’s basically just a technique of isolating and cutting around a particular image from your fabric. For this project, I will be using this technique to add surprise details here and there, throughout the Dolls House. So, keep a look out! 😉

I’ve got some more tricks up my sleeve for alternative rooms. Be sure to come back tomorrow for different ideas for the inside rooms of the Dolls House Quiet Book.

Don’t Forget to Share:

Feel free to share in-progress pics and ask/answer questions in the FB Group. The more merrier! But of course, once you’ve finished your Dollhouse, tag your pics with the hashtag #quietbooksal for more chances to win. 😀

  • Rebecca Page PDF Pattern Group on Facebook. This is a great place to share ALL of your Rebecca page makes. As well as ask questions and receive/offer support in sticky sewing situations.
  • Use hashtag #quietbooksal when posting your pics for your chance to win!


If you were inspired my any of these fun ideas, be sure to ‘Pin’ it so you can always come back to it!

And, now for the part you’ve waiting for….


This is the first day for you to enter to win a FREE PATTERN from Rebecca-Page! Enter through the Rafflecopter link, below. Good luck!

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See you tomorrow!

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25 thoughts on “Dolls House Quiet Book Sew Along – Day 3 GIVEAWAY

  1. My front page of the house is marvel/Spiderman themed as my son is obsessed! I am excited to see the different options/alternatives people have been doing with the pattern pieces available! I think I will one happy little man thanks to your pattern!

  2. Love the carrot garden idea. But fish for kitties is enticing too. I see more than one book in my future.

    1. Thank you, Sam! You could always add an extra page. There are quick instructions at the end of the pattern 😉

  3. Wow, love that idea. Can’t wait to read more!
    I’ve cut out some walls and the kitty and the mouse so I’m a bit behind.

  4. The little cat in thec window is adorable! And the carrot patch is cute too. Now I’m not sure if I should do fish or carrots!

  5. I need this pattern! I want to distract my almost 2 year old on his first flight in a few weeks.

  6. I’m a little behind but catching up fast. My daughter has sewing camp so I’m a chauffeur right now. I got up early today and got the roofs done. Just need to do the kitties and I’ll be caught up to day 2 🙂

    1. Ooh, sewing camp would be so much fun. Saturday and Sunday are catch-up days, so you’ll be fine. You got this! 😉

  7. I just found your blog and requested to join your group. I love love love this! It’s so adorable! My granddaughter would absolutely love this!

  8. I’m running so behind! My kids are sick so I’m still struggling to cut out the pattern. I love the idea of the cat inbthe window!

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