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Dolls House Quiet Book Sew Along – Day 2 GIVEAWAY

Dolls House Quiet Book Sew Along – Day 2 GIVEAWAY

Welcome back, friends!

It’s Day 2 of our Dolls House Quiet Book Sew Along. I am so excited to be sewing along with you! Today, we are attaching the roof to the front and back of the Dolls House, and applying batting. And, the softy dolls!  So, let’s get started! (Scroll down for the Dolls House Quiet Book Sew Along – Day 2 GIVEAWAY)

My 4 year old daughter helped pick out all the fabric for her Dolls House. This was a great opportunity for me teach her about matching colors! We both agreed that this red gingham was a good match for these prints. (Riley Blake Vintage Market, and Art Gallery Bits of Spring.) And, she was very proud of herself for her color-matching accomplishments 😉

We also decided to add a little embellishment on to her dolls house. A remnant of vintage eyelet lace along the roof line adds charm and creates the illusion of eaves. Not to mention, it is a great way to use up those scraps of lace, leftover from previous projects. You could use piping here as well, for a nice finished look. Try using a contrasting color for added interest and visual stimulation for your child.

Softy Dolly

This time around, I decided to give my softy Kitty a little something special. I happened to have this 15 in. length of ribbon laying around, looking for a purpose. It was the perfect length to make a cute little bow for Kitty. And, my daughter loves it!

BTW: This MODA cotton I used for the kitty is sooo soft. Perfect for snuggles <3

I wanted to make sure, the bow wouldn’t come off and get lost. So, I attached the ribbon to the back piece before sewing the kitty together.

And, to make sure the ribbon didn’t get caught in my seams while sewing, I pinned it down.

Then, sew the dolly per the pattern instructions. But, be careful of the pin when turning the dolly right side out. Ouch! Perhaps a safety pin would be better, lol! Either way, the bow turned out so stinkin’ cute. And, it’s great for little hands, learning to tie a knot. WIN <3

Don’t Forget to Share:

Feel free to share in-progress pics and ask/answer questions in the FB Group. The more merrier! But of course, once you’ve finished your Dollhouse, tag your pics with the hashtag #quietbooksal for more chances to win. 😀

  • Rebecca Page PDF Pattern Group on Facebook. This is a great place to share ALL of your Rebecca page makes. As well as ask questions and receive/offer support in sticky sewing situations.
  • Use hashtag #quietbooksal when posting your pics for your chance to win!


If you were inspired my any of these fun ideas, be sure to ‘Pin’ it so you can always come back to it!

And, now for the part you’ve waiting for….


This is the first day for you to enter to win a FREE PATTERN from Rebecca-Page! Enter through the Rafflecopter link, below. Good luck!

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See you tomorrow!

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23 thoughts on “Dolls House Quiet Book Sew Along – Day 2 GIVEAWAY

  1. Loving this ready! I am using some heavier cotton slightly canvas like for durability on the outside. I had plans to make a quiet book awhile ago (ok maybe when my middle child was a baby…so 2 years ago 😂) and bought it for that. Never did it, but kept the fabric and have tons! So I need to make three of these and there is plenty to go around!

    1. Ha ha, good luck! I like the heavier fabric idea, too. I was thinking of using corduroy for my next one 😉

  2. I am sewing this house as the pattern shows, but loving all the original ideas for other pages so my next one will probably be different.

  3. I plan to hopefully add 2 of my own pages, a barn and garden and a kitchen/bathroom. We will see if it happens:)

  4. My daughter is excited to make the kitty this evening. I am pretty sure she won’t stop at just the kitty; we will have the whole animal family.

  5. I am going to make a traditional house with a little girl. May add a kitchen and bath!

  6. I am sewing just the bare minimum as I have birthday projects on the go and also discovered mice in my back bedroom so that’s set me back a day! But I’m thinking I can add pages in the middle when I have some more time.

  7. I love that kitty fabric! In addition to a softy kitty, I plan to make a felt little lady with a wardrobe page containing outfit changes.

  8. I plan on sticking with the original pages but adding trims and details to each page. Maybe I’ll get more creative with future books though

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