Up-Cycled Pillowcase Dress

Up-Cycled Pillowcase Dress


Hello, Friends!

Let’s not beat around the bush here….SisBoom is having a WHATEVER SALE (see pic, below)! So, in celebration, I thought I would sew up another Kelsey Dress. As if I needed an excuse, right? Anyway, I still had the pattern out from that up-cycle I did a couple of weeks ago (read the post HERE). That’s right, I never put it away. Staying organized is overrated. Ha! Might as well make it another up-cycle, too. Kelsey Dress + Vintage Pillowcase = Up-Cycled Pillowcase Dress 😀

Here is my “WHATEVER” excuse to sew up SisBoom….

One of our local retirement communities, holds the ultimate yard sale once a year. There’s everything from furniture, kitchen appliances and dishes, to art work and books, etc. With this demographic of people donating things to the event, many items are vintage and sometimes even antique! But, the one thing that draws me to this sale every year, is the fabric and linen tables. So many women of that time period embroidered linens to use around the house. Unfortunately, (and Lord knows I can’t imagine why) family members don’t care to keep them. They get donated to the sale! Imagine a table the size of a large school bus, overflowing with vintage linens. Dang, wish I took a picture! Guess my hands were too full with all this vintage linen goodness….


Many of these linens will be re-purposed into useful items for my Etsy Shop (inventory is getting pretty low!) But, this one was destined to be sewn up into a sweet and Summery, Kelsey dress. Look at all those French knots….. <3


Scrap Buster

I love the scrap-busting potential of the Kelsey Dress. I found a scrap of this adorable floral in my stash. Can’t even remember what I originally used it for, but I think it was purchased at Joanne’s. Either way, the color was perfect and it compliments the embroidery so well. So pretty!


And, the straps on this dress…. Not sure what it is, but there is something about crisscross straps on a little girls dress that just makes my heart swoon. So simple, yet so stunning!

BTW: Here Hair Elastic was also made from a vintage linen. I just used a metal cover button, and a scrap leftover from a vintage hankie I up-cycled for an item in my Etsy Shop. Waist not, want not. Amiright?


The Whatever Sale

The Kelsey Dress is just one of many fabulous patterns you’ll find at SisBoom. Go check out the WHATEVER SALE, and don’t miss out on getting 35% off you entire purchase. Use coupon code: WHATEVERSALE35 at check out.

Happy sewing!


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