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Up-Cycle Week at SisBoom Pattern Co

Up-Cycle Week at SisBoom Pattern Co

It’s Up-Cycle Week at SisBoom Pattern Co! And, you know I can’t pass up an opportunity for a good up-cycle. Up-Cycling and re-purposing is totally my jam! I love giving tired, old items a new lease on life, and doing my part to keep waste to a minimum. So, the SisBoom Pattern Co. Up-Cycle Tour is the perfect excuse to rummage through the closet for something destined for a fresh start  😀

It didn’t take long for me to find an old shirt of Daddy’s that doesn’t fit anymore due to expansion (he swears the shirt just shrank…Like, for no reason!)

Our Anna is a complete, and total Daddy’s girl. She loves hanging out and being silly with Daddy. After all, Daddy is the biggest kid I know! So, a sweet, Summer dress for Daddy’s little girl from one of his old shirts is perfect! <3

Enter, SisBoom’s Kelsey Dress!

I specifically chose the Kelsey Dress because of it’s sweet and simple design. It certainly lends itself well to showcasing any material being used. And, the bodice has a fun cross-over feature that I adore.

I just love the character an up-cycled men’s shirt gives to a little girl’s dress. The button placket adds a cute detail, and with creative pattern placement, the shirt’s breast pockets instantly become fun skirt pockets.

The Kelsey Dress is also a great scrap buster. The bodice uses such a minimal amount of fabric. Nice! You could even use different materials for a multi-colored bodice. I chose to keep it simple on this dress because of the plaid, and used a remnant of lightweight denim that’s been in my stash forEVER.

Another feature I love about this dress is the straps. They crisscross in back and attach to an elastic casing for added comfort. It also gives her a little wiggle room for growth. Perfect for this little girl who seems to be getting bigger everyday. The Kelsey Dress includes a pattern piece to make fabric straps, but I switched hers out for eyelet lace instead. It give this manly shirt a sweet and girly look. So cute <3

BTW: The construction of the Kelsey Dress was ever-so easy! I whipped this baby up in no time. And, the pattern itself required very little ink and paper. In fact, I literally only had to print 1 page…. No, that wasn’t a typo…. 1 page was all I had to print for this size 3 dress!

See? Even she is excited about that 😀

So, how about you! Are you feeling inspired to clean out that closet now? Lol! I’m tellin’ ya, the closet is a wealth of usable material, just waiting to be your next sewing project. Go take a look and tell me what you find. What SisBoom pattern are you just dying to use?

Happy sewing!


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  1. oh how sweet!!! I love a good upcycled button up !!! Kelsey is always fun because of barely needing to print – for size 7 I think I printed 3 pages lol.

  2. I love this! I can’t believe I haven’t thought of using lace as straps for this pattern. Thanks for the idea! What a cute upcycle.

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