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Portlander Pants for Girls

Portlander Pants for Girls

New Horizons Designs Portlander Pants for Women have been all the rage lately in the sewing world. And, I can’t say it’s a surprise. They are so quick and easy to sew, and sooo amazingly comfortable. So, the release of the Portlander Pants for Girls is super exciting news!

And, to add to the excitement, the Girls Portlanders  have a shorts length option! Yah! Perfect timing for Summer 😀

I have tested a LOT of patterns for New Horizons. But I have to say, this was by far the easiest. Kinda feels like cheating, really. The Girls Portlanders assembled for me in less than in hour (that included printing, taping and cutting), and fit was spot-on! Not to mention, the shorts length uses such a minimal amount of fabric. Terrific scrap buster! Easiest test ever 😀

A Sweet Little Set of Summer Pj’s

If you’ve seen pics of the women’s version floating around the internet, than you may have noticed a lot of floral French terry and double-brushed poly’s being used. As much as I LOVE floral prints (especially in French terry and DBP) I wanted to do something a little different. Stand out from the crowd 😉

So instead, I went with a light and drapy rayon spandex in a solid, dusty pink. Perfect for Summer weather. And, in this case, paired with the Key West Tank (also New Horizons) for a sweet little set of Summer Pj’s (try saying that 10 times fast, lol). But, since rayon spandex doesn’t always have the best recovery, I did sneak in a little DBP in solid white for the bands. I also added a little lace around the legs for a darling, vintage-inspired look. So cute! Soooo cozy <3

FYI: The Key West Tank happens to be on sale for just $7 right now. BUT! Members of the New Horizons FB Group have access to a coupon to get it FREE! Hop on over and find it in the pinned post 😉

I just adore her new pink Pj’s <3  But who am I kidding?! I couldn’t resist whipping up another pair in floral. What can I say? I love florals. Besides, I had just enough of this adorable Art Gallery print left over from another project. No Art Gallery goes to waist around here! Now, she has Portlander shorts for day and night. And, as quick as they are sew up, there will be many more of these for sure 😉

BTW: I’ve heard a rumor that the Women’s Portlanders are possibly being updated with a shorts length option as well. Mommy and Me Portlander Shorts for Summer. YES please!

Luckily, they come in a bundle! Get it while it’s on sale for just $14 through 05/28/17. No coupon needed!

My little nose-picker loves them. Yours will too! 😉

So, go on…go get ’em! She’s waiting….

Happy sewing! 😀


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