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Just for ME January – Upcycled

Well, after a whirlwind Holiday Season of sewing for everyone else, how about a little Spring-inspired selfish sewing? And what better way than to join the annual “Just for ME January” event at SisBoom?

Every year, SisBoom devotes the entire month of January to focus on women’s sewing with a blog tour, featuring their patterns. Today is the first day and I am the lucky one that gets to kickstart this fun event that is sure to inspire some fresh new looks for the new year!


Of course, being a new year and all, I had to do a little scrolling through Pinterest for the down low on what to expect in fashion this year. From what I’ve noticed, 2017 fashion trends are looking a little on the softer and more earthy side. Lots of floral, greens and lace. Oh my gosh! All my favorites! Here is a 2017 Pantone chart I found on Pinterest. I am loving that bottom row with the pinks and greens <3


And, here is my inspiration pic (also from Pinterest). A sweet eyelet lace tank with peplum-styled ruffle from Anthropology. Perfect to wear under a cardigan now while it’s cold out, or by itself as an easy breezy top for Summer. But who wants to pay Anthropology prices? Not me! That’s why I sew 😉


And my pattern, SisBoom’s Dana Top/Dress. A gorgeous top/dress with a sweet little ruffle on top and optional flutter sleeves. You’ll notice the absence of spaghetti straps and peplum on this pattern. As cute as the speghetti straps are on my inspiration pic, for the sake of being modest, I’ll be wearing a bra and cami under my eyelet top.The wider straps on the Dana Top will allow me to do this 😉


(btw: I received this pattern for free for my participation in this blog tour. Pretty sweet, eh?)

And, last but not least is my material. A round eyelet tablecloth a family member found for me at a local thrift shop. That ruffle will work great as my peplum 😉


Up-cycling my tablecloth to a fashionable garment was actually pretty easy. All I did was fold it down the middle and trace my front and back pattern pieces from there. The peplum is already done for me, and I don’t even have to hem (one of my least favorite tasks in sewing). For the trims and top ruffle, I used some white cotton material I already on hand.


My only challenge was to try to get a more fitted look. The Dana Top/dress is a very roomy top, which is great for hiding a belly…ehem, not that I need to hide one!… 😉


But the top in my inspiration pic is a slimmer fit. I took my Dana Top in about a half an inch on both sides but it was still a too little wide for the particular look I was going. There are no closures on this top (ie: buttons, zipper, etc.) so I can’t take it in too much without it being difficult to take on and off. My solution? A tie! I opened up the seams just enough to slip a tie in each side and sewed them back up. Easy peazy 😀


It’s not an exact match to my inspiration pic, but it’s a perfect and practical top for a Mom of 4 rowdy kids. And I still have enough ease to hide my mama belly. WIN!

Please forgive my not-so-in-focus shots from all the shivering we were doing. It was only about 25 degrees F and windy. Oh my gosh, so much wind! We actually lost power for about 8 hours, due to a power pole snapping during the wind! And here we are outside doing a photo shoot (between wind gusts).

In a tank top? Burrrr!

I really need to figure out an indoor solution to take pictures this time of year, lol 😉


I love how the back turned out. The tie adds a little charm and a more feminine shape to my top.


I will definitely be wearing a sweater over this top until it gets a little warmer outside, lol. Luckily, I had some pink sweater knit in my stash that was a pretty close match to the Pale Dogwood color on the 2017 Pantone. So I whipped up this sweet little cardigan to go with my Dana Top.

Ahhh….that’s better 😉

But I can’t wait for Summer so I can show off my pretty new Dana Top in all it’s glory <3


And, now I have a nice, classic look for the new year. Not to mention, how affordable it was. I tell ya, if saving money is on your New Year resolution list this year, than up-cycling is a great solution! This top literally cost me nothing 😀

Wanna win the Dana Top/Dress PDF pattern? Just click on the Rafflecopter link (below) and enter to win 😀

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

But in the meantime, there is still one more day left of the Just For ME January SALE!!!


And if you are sewing along with the blog tour, be sure to use the hash tag #justformejanuary in your social media posts.

Thanks for stopping by, and happy sewing!  🙂