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The NEW Janie Dress

Soooo excited about this new dress!


I had the pleasure of testing the new Janie Dress from Mouse House Creations and I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with it. Very simple, elegant features of a classic-looking dress, but with the comfort of a t-shirt! A brilliant compromise for a mom like me that wants to dress up an incredibly active 3 year old with out her wanting to tear it off. Lol. And it’s a super quick sew too. A BIG WIN in my book 🙂

BTW: If you’ve never heard of Mouse House Creations, you need to go check it out. The site is full of awesome tips and tutorials (including a tutorial for DIY photo backdrops that I can’t wait to try!) Also, Hayley (designer and creator at Mouse House Creations) happens to be the designer of that adorable Color Me fabric I used for a KCW entry a while back (you can read that post HERE). I mean, how fun is this….. 😉

Anywhooooo, back to the Janie Dress……

You all know I LOVE a good Peter Pan collar. Such a sweet, innocent, vintage look. You just can’t go wrong! But, what’s so special about this one? First of all, it’s about the easiest Peter Pan collar I’ve ever sewn. Mostly because it doesn’t wrap all the way to the back. It’s sewn in with the shoulder seams, and a neckband is added so you don’t need a lining or facing for a clean finish. I added a lace overlay to this one. It adds to that vintage charm I’m always after <3

Both this Robert Kaufman herringbone knit and the stretch lace on the collar are from Rasberry Creek Fabrics 😉

And check out the ballet scoop in the back. Oh! Peter Pan collar + ballet scoop = LOVE <3


And, of course, everyone loves pockets!


Hey, we got an un-invited guest to our photo shoot……


So, what if you’re not into Peter Pan collars? Fear not! This dress also has a cowl option as well. Perfect to keep little necks warm in these cooler months ahead, too 😀

This blue sweater knit came from a Mystery Sweater box from Knitpop. The camera wouldn’t pick it up, but this sweater knit sparkles! She calls this her ‘Elsa dress’ 😉


Oh! Did I mention the twirl factor here? The Janie Dress features a circle skirt for optimal twirl. Too bad my 3 year old does quite have twirling down yet, lol. But you can catch a glymps as she runs around 😉



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Head on over to Welcome to the Mouse House + Mouse House Creations and grab your PDF of the Janie Dress now!

Happy sewing! <3

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