A New Year!

I hope you enjoyed the Holidays! I know we did. It’s been a whirlwind of food, fun, family and (of course) presents and now our house is a total wreck. Our recycling bin is overflowing (4 kids = lots of new toys that came with lots of packaging). I am finding pieces of wrapping paper in every nook and cranny of our house. Nerf bullets fly through the air at any given moment (our house is in a constant state of war in a Zombie Apocalypse). Little Anna received the biggest stuffed monkey I’ve ever seen (she could literally sleep on it if she wanted to). And someone (I’m not naming names) was crazy enough to give my kids a 5lb chocolate Hershey bar! Oh, and don’t get me started on the deserts…. My kids were on a perpetual sugar high all Christmas week long, and if I eat another cookie diabetes may set in….

It’s time to regroup and recover from the Holiday season and start thinking about the New Year. Do you have resolutions or goals for 2016? I’ve never ascribed to New Year’s resolution myself but maybe this year should be different.

Starting my blog a few months ago and participating in sewing challenges has contributed greatly to my sewing abilities. I have acquired many new skills and been connected to others who share my interests. So my goals for my blog are to continue on the path I’ve been on to keep learning. I am also hoping to generate a little bit more income this new year so being a stay-at-home-mom is not such a financial burden. I draft my own patterns for the items in my shop on Etsy and I would love to learn how to create digital patterns. I think there are others out there (possibly you) who see the beauty in vintage linens and would love to re-purpose them if only they had a pattern as a guide. Perhaps this is something I will work on for 2016 🙂

Speaking of vintage linens….

My most recent creation is a dress I made for a friend of my sister’s. She loved the idea of re-using a men’s denim shirt along with vintage linens and, I have to say I do too! The denim brings a certain casual, shabby chic charm to an already adorable dress.

I started with an XL men’s denim shirt and paired it with a vintage place mat featuring brightly colored embroidered flowers.

Meri's dress, before

After cutting off the bottom half of the shirt to use as the skirt of the dress, I added box pleats.

Meri's dress, before 2

Never mind the pen marks (I made those before I decided to add the pleats). They’ll get washed off when I’m done.

I gave this dress a halter top with ties I made from scraps of the denim shirt. The original shirt was missing a button so I changed them out for some simple baby blue ones. I also added another button hole at the bottom (for modesty).

Meri's dress

Elastic in the back makes the dress easy to slip on and off.

Meri's dress, back

Meri's dress, Anna
Anna was in a silly mood for this photo shoot 😉

Meri's dress, Anna side

Happy New Year, everyone!

I can’t wait to see what new creative endeavors 2016 will bring 🙂