Sometimes boredom is a good thing!

So, I was at the doctor’s office the other day waiting…and waiting…and waiting…and…well, you know…..

Out of boredom I started scrolling through all the apps on my phone. You know, the ones that come pre-loaded and you don’t even know what half of them do? (Well, I don’t anyway.)

I came across this Movie Creator app that had apparently been automatically creating slideshow movies out of the photos in my album. I started deleting the 57 movies one-by-one until I came across one featuring some of the items I sell in my shop. It occurred to me that this app may serve useful in helping me highlight some of my hard work. So, I made a movie doing just that. It’s not perfect. Maybe I’ll try to find another app that does a better job, but in the mean time this one is kind of fun to play with. I guess sometimes boredom is a good thing!