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Beatrice Dress and Bloomers

Beatrice Dress & Bloomers

NEW! Pattern from The Handmaiden’s Cottage

Do you LOVE vintage style? Well, if you love it as much as I do, then you are going to jump for joy over the latest pattern released from The Handmaiden’s Cottage. The NEW Beatrice Dress and Bloomers pattern is the bee’s knees!

Before we talk about the dress, let me tell you a fun little fact about us….

We are fancy people (well, not that fancy) who happen to live on a golf course. That’s right! Now, I know what you’re gonna ask…and the answer is NO, we don’t golf. But we do like to sip wine on our deck and laugh at the golfers rummaging through the bushes looking for their lost balls. Ha. ha! Well, today was a quiet day out on the green, so we risked death-by-golf-ball, and took our photo shoot down there. And……

…This girl had so much fun rebelliously running around the forbidden golf course, that we only got a few in-focus shots. So, let’s make them count!

First, how about that bodice? I adore the scallop feature. So sweet! And, the puff sleeves accent it so well. I don’t know why, but for some reason it makes me want ice cream. This would be the cutest dress to wear for an ice cream social. <3

Major Twirl Factor

The skirt on this dress has amazing twirl potential. The bloomers (included in the pattern) are perfect as a modest little cover for major twirling. And, I just love how sweet they look peaking out from under the skirt.

I couldn’t resist personalizing these for her. At 4 years old, she is learning how to write her name, so it seemed like a fun thing to add. Plus, I’ve been on such a kick, playing with all the different stitches available on my Viking. I suppose I was indulging myself on this one, too 😉

Now, if only she could learn to twirl…. She still hasn’t quite figured that out yet. I ask her to twirl for me, and she does this weird spinning, jumpy thing in the air, then falls flat on her bum. I swear, she is the most ungraceful child ever, lol!

With button loops instead of a zipper closure (typical of vintage dresses), assembling the Beatrice Dress couldn’t be easier. And, what vintage-style dress would be complete without a bow?……Vintage-style perfection!

Beatrice is the epitome of vintage style. You will absolutely LOVE it! <3

But, if you needed another reason (other than all the cuteness you’ve seen here) to get the Beatrice Dress and Bloomers pattern,  The Handmaiden’s Cottage is having a site-wide sale over Mother’s Day weekend. Take advantage of the sale! There are some great women’s pattern there, too. And, fabric!!! Check out her sweet selection of shabby chic materials, too.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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