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Annalise Low-High Vest and Tunic

Oh! I’m so excited about this one! I was lucky enough to test the newest pattern just released from ModkidThe Annalise Low-High Vest and Tunic.


This adorable pattern features a unique low-high hem line . Meaning, the hemline sits lower in the front and higher in the back (as apposed to the high-low look you see everywhere else). Isn’t it cute?



The pattern includes the option of an open-front vest or a closed blouse. Both are super cute, but I went with the closed blouse on this one 😀


Another feature you’ll notice is the delicate pintucks along the button placket. Just lovely!


They did present a teeny, tiny obstacle for me, though. They are sewn at 1/16 inch from the edge, which isn’t difficult by any means. But my machine doesn’t have a guide line for that measurement. And using a piece of tape to mark such a small space wasn’t going to work.

The best solution, was to just move my needle over to the left until it was at 1/16 inch. So easy! Why haven’t I ever considered this before? I sew with a Viking (awesome machine!) and the guidelines are in metric measurements. Great for when a pattern calls for 1 centimeter (3/8 inch) seam allowance, but a tad inconvenient for a 1/2 inch seam allowance. I’ve never been a fan of using tape as a guideline either. Just gets in the way. Simply moving the needle makes life so much easier for all my future projects!

Crazy how little things like this are so exciting for me, right? Lol 😉


Anna picked out this cute kitty fabric at a recent trip to Joann’s. We actually weren’t even there for fabric this time, but there’s no tell her that when she spots something she’s just gotta have! And, how could I say “no” this little face?…..


The eyelet trim was up-cycled from that same vintage tablecloth I used for the SisBoom blog tour last month (see it HERE). I just LOVE up-cycling and the $$$ it saves me. Keeps me on my creative toes, too 😉


BTW: Can you guess what she’s looking at out there?

With our cold and rainy weather we’ve been having, we went down to our little Island ferry dock to take pictures. The little building there has all these nice, big windows that provide lots of natural light and keeps us out of the elements. But, check this out…..


We watched as this enormous bird swooped down and snatch up a fish, while being stalked by a hand-full of seagulls (not in the pic). Turns out, this happens to be a fledgling bald eagle that hasn’t developed it’s signature white head and tail yet. We have a lot of bald eagles that roost along our beachline here on the island and we see them all the time, but this was cool! If you look close enough, you can see the fish in his tallons 😉


Anyways…… If your interested in purchasing the Annalise Low-High Vest and Tunic, hop on over to the Modkids Etsy page and check it out.

Until next time….

Happy sewing everyone!