Another Vermont Cardigan

I told you I love cardigans, right? So you had to know I couldn’t resist sewing up another Vermont Cardigan.


If you missed my last post, I had the pleasure of being a tester for the ever-so-versatile Vermont Cardigan from New Horizons Designs. I have tested a LOT of patterns over this past year; many of them from New Horizons. But I gotta tell ya, I think this may be my favorite by far! I am definitely a sweater girl so this pattern was right up my alley. But just take a look at all those options! Can you imagine the possibilities? How could you not love this pattern? 😉


So, for my last cardigan, I did the cropped, crew neck version for a more refined look. This time, I wanted a cozy, sitting-by-the-fire-drinking-a-warm-drink kind of cardigan. Not that the cropped version wasn’t cozy. It soooo was! Especially in that super soft french terry. I was just looking for an excuse to make another cardigan 😉

This time I went with the hip length and added the pockets and hood. The hood doesn’t call for a lining in the actuall pattern, but I thought a pop of color would be a nice touch here. I saw a version sewn up by Terra (the pattern’s designer) where she added a faux fur lining to her’s. So I kinda copied her idea. But instead of faux fur, I went with this really unique floral liverpool I got from a Knitpop auction box last summer. It is a little thicker and sooo much softer than the crepey liverpool I am familiar with. Never seen anything like it!


For the main fabric, I used a soft and luscious cappuccino-colored sweater knit, also from Knitpop. Sweater knit can be kind of a pain to work with, but it is so comfortable to wear. Being the sweater girl that I am, I have totally fallen in love with their mystery sweater boxes. But recently, they’ve been auctioning off sweater boxes in their Facebook group so you actually know what you’re getting. My husband let me buy a couple boxes at the last auction with the condition that I don’t open them till Christmas. I may just forget what’s in them by then anyway! And so it seems the mystery begins again….. lol 😀


And, check out these 9-hole buttons! I didn’t even know these existed till I found them on a recent trip to Joann Fabrics. Aren’t they kinda fun? So many different ways these could be sewn on.




Needless to say, I am ready to stay nice and cozy during these cooler Winter months in my Vermont Cardigan. And I can’t wait to make some lighter versions when Spring rolls around. It’s definitely LOVE <3 for this new pattern.



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