Mummykins & Me Rebrand and Launch

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a new type of project.  Rebecca from Mummykins & Me had a vision for a fresh, new look to her website and brand. So, rather than testing a new pattern, I had the opportunity to sew up an existing one and incorporate her fabulous new color palate. Isn’t it pretty?……


This is probably one of the easiest projects I’ve had in a while, quite honestly! There were no kinks to work out that go along with testing a pattern. No fit problems. No proof reading…… Just the joy of sewing. Not to mention, this hoodie was such a quick and easy sew.

I did have one teeny, tiny challenge, however. I was assigned to sew up the Comfy Cowl Hoodie for my BOY. Now, take a look at that beautiful color pallet again. Not very boy-ish, is it? lol! Luckily, I found this turquoise french terry I bought last Summer from Raspberry Creek Fabrics burried at the bottom of my fabric pile. Not a perfect match to the blue in her palate, but pretty darn close. And, it doesn’t get much cozier than french terry! The striped accent fabric is yet another score from one of my beloved Knitpop mystery sweater boxes. They just went together so perfectly 😉


This project happened to be perfect timing for me. Mummykins & Me had just wrapped up their Comfy Cowl Hoodie Sew Along. So,I had just finished up a hoodie for my little Anna-Pie in this ultra soft and cozy sweater knit (also from a Knitpop mystery sweater box, of course 😉 ).

So you know what that means…..Brother/sister pics in their super cozy Comfy Cowl Hoodies!!! Kind of fitting really. The Comfy Cowl Hoodie is a unisex hoodie pattern marketed for both boys and girls (don’t worry Moms, there happens to be a women’s version too!) So, what better way to showcase that then with brother/sister pics?



Check out that stripe matching, eh?! Sweater knit can be a pain in the…(you know what)…to work with. Not one to boast, but silently giving myself a pat on the back for this one 😉

Such a gentleman <3



Well, these two could only hold it together for so long. I mean, how was I expecting this brother and sister to stand next to each other for so many pic? Lol 😉


All right, kids…..be free!


We went to the beach to take our photos this time (cuz when you live on an island, they’re everywhere). I always have to bribe my kids with play time to get decent pics. Ha!


And…..there it is! That sure didn’t take long. This is why we take pictures before we play 😉


So, now for the good part…

In celebration of her new debut, Rebecca is holding a 30% off sitewide sale. Yep! You read that right. 30%! No coupon needed. Just go shopping. Load up that cart with ALL the little goodies you’ll find in the Mummykins & Me shop. But the sale only runs through Dec. 4th, so get over there now!

Happy sewing!


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