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My ‘Cape-tastic’ Blue Bird

Well, Fall is finally upon us. And you know what that means. Apple picking, trips to the pumpkin patch, cooler weather, and warm drinks. But more importantly, it’s the start of the Holiday seasons. And first on the list? Halloween, of course!

So, the release of the Cape-tastic Cape from Mummykins and Me by Rebecca Page couldn’t have come at a better time. Oh! And I have to tell you, I’ve never had so much fun testing a pattern as I did with this one! Rebecca gave us free reign to get creative and make ANY modifications to the pattern we wanted…Wait…What? I know! That’s unheard of! And I gotta say, the creativity of all the lovely ladies who participated in this event was absolutely amazing! And, the result of this revolutionary idea? This pattern comes with over 34 mods to make this cape into literally anything you want it to be! 😀

The original pattern looks like this:


As you can see, we have an adorable bird cape with lots of feathers. My initial thought was to try and make it into something else, but when Anna saw this picture she insisted on keeping it a bird. But not just any bird. We have these blue stellar jays that eat nuts from the filbert tree in our yard. They are the most beautiful blue and she loves watching them hop around and make noise:

Pic from google search: www.allaboutbirds.org

So, the first thing I did was hop on Pinterest (of, course) for inspiration. And I found this beauty:

Pic found on Pinterest

Wow! Amazing, right? Luckily, I already happened to have all the material I needed. I up-cycled a blue fleece blanket (never gets used) for the main materiel. The rest was scraps of fleece I bought at Joann’s to make Minecraft blankets for my boys a couple years ago (they were Minecraft obsessed for a while there, lol). And the lining is from an old bed sheet. Needless to say, this cape is super cozy and is sure to keep her toasty warm for trick-or-treating. And my only investment in this project was time. It literally cost me nothing!


As you can see, I kept the basic design. The only mods I made were to change the shape of the eyes and extend the tail feathers. Here’s what I did….

For the eyes, I used the pattern piece as my guide to draw the new shape. Then I just assembled them as per the pattern instructions:

For the tail feathers, I again used the pattern piece as my guide.  I traced the top of the feather piece, then lengthened them and traced the bottom:


Then, I centered the tail feathers on first and worked my way out with the remaining feathers (as apposed to placing them on in one direction, per the pattern instructions).


And here is the final product. Isn’t she the cutest little blue bird you’ve ever seen? <3



She is just as active as a little bird too. Difficult to get clear photos! lol 😉







Looks just as cute without the hood, too <3


With the Cape-tastic Cape, the possibilities are endless. You can make a fun and unique bird costume, or leave the feathers off all together to create any other creature your child’s heart desires. Other testers made anything from dragons, to a butterfly, an adorable little mouse, even a unicorn!

And just to sweeten the deal, their is an adult add-on for this pattern too. Get the bundle on sale for just $8.00 through Halloween. That’s right! Through Halloween! So you have plenty of time to dress up the whole family at a scary steal (see what I did there?). But don’t limit this cape to just Halloween. This would also be great year round for cosplay or just playing dress-up too.

So, hop on over to Mummykins and Me by Rebecca Page and spread your creative wings with the Cape-tastic Cape 😀

Happy sewing!

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