GIRLS Dublin Dolman

Well folks, I’ve got another good one for you! Remember that Dublin Dolman I did for myself recently? Here’s a quick pic to refresh your memory…

Dublin Dolman, 1

Well, guess what. Now it comes in girls’ sizes! That’s right. Terra at New Horizons Designs has just released the Dublin Dolman for Girls. And it is just as quick and easy to sew as the women’s version (If not more so. Because.Smaller sizes).

But as tempted as I was to do a matching dolman for Mom and Me pics, Anna insisted on this foxy fabric instead. Oh! I tell you what! She has been bugging me ever since I got this Robert Kaufman fox knit from Raspberry Creek Fabrics over a month ago. “Mommm, make me my foxy shirt.” Geez, alright already! Little Miss Bossy Pants over here.


It just so happened that after I finished this top, her brother’s class was going on a field trip to the local orchard to go apple picking. And, we were lucky enough to get to tag along. Perfect Fall activity to do in her foxy Fall dolman 😀







As you might have been able to tell, Anna’s ‘foxy shirt’ has the same features as mine did. The longer silhouette and a tall bottom band. Only difference is I gave her long sleeves since we’re finally getting into Fall here.

But as you might have guessed, the Dublin Dolman for Girls come with options.


So you know I had to make another one right? For this one, I chose the gathered options and included pockets. Miss Bossy Pants picked out her fabric again (but with less authority than before) this time going with this feather knit from Raspberry Creek Fabric’s Club Line. She’s got this fixation on birds right now. She always gets so excited when they come to eat from our bird feeders. So I suppose the feather print was an obvious pic for her.


BTW, check out the strawberries FINALLY producing. At the end of September! Lol!

Oh, look! She sees birds 😀


Spread your wings…..


So head on over to New Horizons Designs and check out the new Dublin Dolman for Girls. And just to sweeten the deal, Terra included a doll option too. Yup! Your special girl can match with her special girl. How sweet is that 😀

And if you haven’t purchased the Women’s version yet, fear not. They’ve got a bundle to save you some $$$.


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