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Up-Cycled Paris Tea Time Dress

Take a good look at this old pillowcase. Between yellowing, age spots, musty smell and snags in the embroidery, it certainly seems unusable. I certainly wouldn’t put this on my pillow in this state….


All too often, people find it difficult to see past all the wear and tear of age. Or maybe they just see it as “dated” and not worth their time. Either way, items like this end up hidden away in storage or even worse, thrown away! Someone, years ago, took the time to embroider this by hand and it deserves a second life!

It has been my mission to find and restore vintage embroidered linens and breathe new life into them. What better way to reuse and re-appreciate them than to up-cycle them into beautiful, one-of-a-kind clothing?

Of course, the first thing that needs to be done is restoration. I did a tutorial a while back on the process I use to bring vintage linens back to their former glory: HERE


Wow! What a difference! Look at how much cleaner and beautiful it looks. I will be using this pillowcase to make a dress for Anna. This vintage peach-colored pillowcase and vintage lace will serve well as embellishments.

New Horizons Patterns (formerly Terra’s Treasures) is having an up-cycling contest. The idea is to up-cycle something old into something new using one of her patterns. Wow! This contest is right up my ally! I used the Paris Tea Time Dress pattern for this occasion and it’s just perfect! I am so happy with how beautiful this dress turned out:D

Paris Tea Time Dress, 1

A lot of vintage pillowcases also feature a scalloped and/or hand crochet hem. That added detail enhances the charm of this shabby chic dress. I did have to modify the pattern a little bit to accommodate this. The Paris Tea Time dress is supposed to have trim at the bottom, so I lengthened the skirt a little to compensate for the missing piece. Other than that small change, I basically followed the pattern to a tea. Get it? Tea? Tea Time dress? Ha! I am such a nerd sometimes. 😉

Paris Tea Time Dress, 2

Paris Tea Time Dress, 3

Paris Tea Time Dress, 5

Paris Tea Time Dress, 4

Paris Tea Time Dress, 7


Btw: This pillowcase was actually given to me by a very generous neighbor who found it at a yard sale and thought I might be able to breath new life into it. She got a handful of them, so you can bet I’ll have more of these projects coming up soon! 😀