Pattern Testing: The Unfancy Pants


Unfancy Pants, 7

Kelly from Unfancy Designs sure has been busy! She’s releasing yet another pattern and I was lucky enough to be a tester for her again.

This time, we have the Unfancy Pants. These pants are very on trend with the paneled waistband with front pleats and tapered legs. And, they work well for both boys and girls. They are perfect made with knits, but also work well with wovens (though, I recommend going up a size).

For Liam’s pair, I used slub linen in black from my local Joann’s shop. And, not that they needed it, but I accessorized the pants with some super cool clip-on suspenders. I was kinda going for an old-fashioned paperboy look (you know I’m always trying to throw some sort of “vintage” spin on everything). But he says he looks more like a farmer, ha ha oh well…. 🙂

Unfancy Pants, 5

Anna’s pants were made with super soft french terry knit from Raspberry Creek. These are by far her favorite pants to wear right now! <3

Unfancy Pants, 18

Unfancy Pants, 6

All right, let the animals loose! They are just dying to go play now.

And, you can’t take the kids to the beach and leave without any sea shells. Look at at this big clam shell Anna found!

Unfancy Pants, 8

Ha ha, sorry Honey. No clams in there <3

Unfancy Pants, 10

Unfancy Pants, 12

Oh no! You know it had to happen, right?

Unfancy Pants, 15

Unfancy Pants, 16

This is why we take photos before we play……

Unfancy Pants, 17


The Unfancy Pants pattern is on sale now at a special intro price of $6. Go get yours now! 😀