Vintage Pledge 2016



Anybody who’s ever visited my blog or seen my work through other means knows that I always try to implement a vintage element to everything I create. Even more modern patterns will get a vintage twist here. So when I came across the Vintage Pledge, it should come as no surprise that I totally had to join!

Kendall skirt, 5
I added vintage lace and used a vintage-style print fabric to this modern skirt, here.

So, I have taken the pledge! I have pledged to sew from at least 1 (but you know I’ll probably do more) vintage pattern this year. And why not? As much as I use vintage materials and styles, I’d say it’s high time I sew something from an actual vintage pattern.

Color Me dress, 4
Or, how about putting a modern print on a vintage-style dress, here? I love a good peter pan collar 😉

As I scroll through vintage patterns on Etsy, I am in awe. They are all so lovely and, in my mind, timeless. And there are so many! How do I possibly choose? Either way, it leaves me with the question….Why have I never thought of this before!? I am so excited for this one!

BTW, how is it that 80’s and 90’s are now considered vintage!? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. Anything older than 20 years is vintage. But seriously…if you search “vintage clothing” on either Ebay or Etsy, you will find listings for flannel “Nirvana-style” shirts and Doc Martin boots. Geez…..when did I get so old?

Penny Pinny, 3
This one got a double dose of vintage charm as a sweet little pinafore dress made from a vintage embroidered table cloth, here.

Who else is up for the Vintage Challenge?

Be sure to check back in periodically to see what vintage pattern(s) I end up finding for this Vintage Pledge. And, of course, the vintage materials too 😉