I accept the challenge (Kids Clothes Week- Day 3)

Am I crazy? Quite possibly! I had this grand idea to take part in a sewing challenge, Kids Clothes Week (sew for 1hr a Day for 7 Days). What was I thinking? A stay-at-home-mom with 4 kids? I don’t have time for this. And yet here we are. It’s Day 3 of the challenge and somehow I’ve managed to whip out another sewing project.

The theme for this sewing challenge is “disguise”. With Halloween right around the corner, it seems appropriate to make a costume for my little Anna. Anna is absolutely obsessed with Hello Kitty. My submission yesterday for Day 2 was the first, and quite possibly the most important piece of this costume, her Kitty ears. Today’s submission will be her dress.

Hello Kitty is almost always wearing the same little A-line dress. Sometimes she wears it in different colors depending on the occasion but pink seems to be a popular one. My Day 1 submission for this challenge was an adorable pink jacket for Anna. I have some pink fleece left over from that so I might as well use it here too. Plus, it will help keep her warmer while we’re trick-or-treating. It’s a win-win!

So, to make a complete Hello Kitty costume, Anna will wear her pink dress over a simple, white long-sleeve shirt and white tights. Her make-up was super simple, just three black lines on each cheek. Not sure I’d want to do more make-up than that for a toddler (she kept wanting to wipe it off). Anna already has a pair of sparkly, leopard print Hello Kitty shoes, so I think we’ll use those. And, the Kitty ears I made for her yesterday complete her outfit. Anna’s ready to tackle Halloween in her super comfortable and oh so cute Hello Kitty costume 😀

A pink A-line dress, kitty ears and black whiskers makes one CUTE Hello Kitty!
She’s ready to collect lots of candy with her Hello Kitty purse 😉
She’s a curious little Kitty.
No Hello Kitty outfit would be complete without sparkly, leopard print Hello Kitty shoes!

Look for my next project tomorrow. I’m thinking of doing a re-fashion with one of my old shirts:)