I accept the challenge (Kids Clothes Week- Day 2)

Day 2 of the Kids Clothes Week 1hr a Day for 7 Days Challenge:

My little Anna-Pie is REALLY into Hello Kitty, so naturally that’s what she’s going to be for Halloween this year. I browsed Hello Kitty costumes but they either look too cheesy or too sexy for my sweet little girl. Anyway, last time I checked Hello Kitty wasn’t sexy. She’s CUTE.

I started to make her a pink Hello Kitty dress but I know it won’t be done in time for my Day 2 submission. We have an exciting afternoon of parent/teacher conferences today (which bites into my sewing time, poo!). Hopefully I’ll have it done tomorrow. I did, however, find time to make her “ears” this morning 🙂

So, my initial plan for her costume was to make her a cute little dress and purchase white kitty ears and glue on a bow. Simple right? Except, I went to several different stores and couldn’t find white kitty ears. Lots of black or tiger stripes, but no white. Frustrating. I guess it’s a good thing I like to sew and craft things. I went to a local craft store and bought a white head band and some felt (1 sheet of plain white and 1 sheet of pink with white polka dots).

There was actually very minimal sewing involved with this project, so I hope it qualifies…….

Hello Kitty Ears (2)
Anna’s Hello Kitty “Ears”

Basically, all I did was cut out 2 diamond shaped pieces from white felt, folded them in half around the headband to form ears and hot glued them in place. I hand-sewed a blanket stitch around each ear with white embroidery floss. I pulled the stitch a little tight as I was sewing to make the ears curl in ever-so-slightly. For the bow, I just cut an oval from the polka dotted felt and wrapped a small strip (cut from the same material) around the center. Since I already had my glue gun warmed up, I just glued it together then glued it to the right ear.

Voila! Adorable Hello Kitty Ears. I think they turned out pretty well for being such an easy project. Even better? It only cost $3 and change to make. Cheaper than my original plan for sure. I love it when things just work out that way 😀

Hello Kitty ears, 2
Anna loves her Hello Kitty Ears!
Hello Kitty ears, 3
Whacha looking for, Honey.
Hello Kitty ears, 4
This kitty likes to climb trees.
Hello Kitty ears, 5
Well….if I didn’t know any better, I’d say she was posing for the camera <3

Now, off to finish her dress……