I Accept the Challenge: (Kids Clothes Week- Day 1)

So now that I am a blogger, I figure I should start doing bloggy things. Like participating in contests and challenges. This will be my first time doing anything like this so let’s see how it goes….

I will be participating in Kids Clothes Week, sewing an hour a day for 7 days. This seasons theme is “Disguise”. Seems fitting for the month of October right? It also happens to be parent/teacher conference week at my kids’ school, so my kids are home early every day this week. With 4 kids, there is absolutely no way I can finish a single project in just 1 hour. Maybe if they didn’t constantly wants things from me. Oh well, a stay-at-home-mom is always in demand 😉

As much sewing as I do for my shop Anna’s Heirloom Boutique, I neglect to sew items for my daughter that we actually keep! I have a coat I started for Anna a little while ago but got distracted and didn’t finish. Now that the weather’s cooling down, I suppose I should crack down and finish it.

Normally I draft my own patterns, but I found this pattern on sale for like $4. Can’t beat that! You can find this Michelle Jacket pattern at Schwin Designs. Their patterns are absolutely adorable.

This is actually the second coat I made from this pattern. After making the first one, I decided to make a couple of adjustments this time around. The pockets were super cute on this coat but Anna doesn’t really use them so I opted to save a little time and skip the pockets. I also felt the first coat was just a little too wide so I took it in a little on the sides for a sleeker look. Also, instead of 5-6 buttons going up the front, I decided to just do one button with a flap across the chest. And since my “thing” is vintage linens, I added vintage lace for a….well….a vintage look. When all’s said and done, this is a comfortable and practical coat “disguised” as shabby chic and fashionable (ha ha, see how I made that work?)

Pink Michelle Jacket 1
I used fleece for a warm, comfortable jacket.
Pink Michelle Jacket 4
We have a small apple orchard across the street from our house. Anna LOVES that they fall off the trees.
Pink Michelle Jacket 6
Pink Michelle Jacket 5
Looking for apples in the orchard.
Pink Michelle Jacket 3
Sorry Honey, locked out.
Pink Michelle Jacket 2
I can’t get over how cute this jacket turned out 🙂
Hello dear
Hello Dear! This guy snuck up on us during our photo shoot 🙂