Red Umbrella

What is it about red umbrellas that captures our imaginations?

Red umbrella picThey always seem to be the subject of countless paintings and drawings. The iconic image of a couple in love under a red umbrella. Or the mystery of the ever-so-fashionable woman walking through the city in the rain. They remind us of romance in Paris and traveling abroad. And of course it’s a welcome flash of color on a dark, rainy day. They even write songs about them (I’ve got one in my head right now). Whatever the reason, they seem to appeal to everyone.

Last Saturday here in the Pacific Northwest was the wettest we’ve had in a long time. It seemed like a good day to stay in and get creative. As I was rummaging through my stash of vintage linens looking for inspiration, this one jumped out at me. A vintage hand towel featuring the iconic image of a woman caught in the rain under her red umbrella. As much as I love re-purposing my materials into toddler girls dresses, this one seemed perfect for a fashionable coin purse!

Red Umbrella coin purse, close
My Red Umbrella Coin Purse is available here.

I absolutely adore coin purses! Back before the days of paper money, people carried their coins around in coin purses. It’s fun to imagine women of the Victorian era carrying their fancy coin purses with such grace. I love it when I’m making a purchase that calls for exact change and I get to bring out my coin purse (gracefully, of course). They are so stylish and practical. They hold all those dirty little coins and keep them from mucking up the bottom of your purse, and they do it beautifully! This coin purse combines the romance of the red umbrella and the gracefulness of women from past eras.

Red Umbrella coin purse, frame
The antique scroll work on this metal purse frame highlights the vintage style of the purse. The red flowers compliment the color of the red umbrella.
Red Umbrella coin purse, lining
I used a vintage floral handkerchief for the lining.
Red Umbrella coin purse
You can find this coin purse here.

I would love to know what think about this coin purse 🙂

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