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7 Ways to Use Vintage Embroidered Linens

There is something so magical about vintage embroidery. A popular past time in the mid-century, women got together with friends to compare their handy work and trade secrets. The time and work women of the past would put into their craft is inspiring. It reminds us of a time when there were no cell phones or computers (or social media for that matter) to distract us from real life. Simple pleasures where everyday pleasures. Spending quality time with family, road trips, home-cooked meals, stopping to smell the roses…..hmmm, sounds good. I think I was born in the era………

Anyway, embroidery seems to be a dying art these days (how many people do know who do it?) Many of us had mothers or grandmothers who embroidered, only to pack their beautiful work away in an attic somewhere to hide. Well, I think they deserve to come out of hiding and I have a few ideas on how to use them to their former glory!

1.) Use them for their intended purpose. Display vintage embroidered pillowcases on your pillows! Set the table with vintage embroidered table runners and napkins. Tip: Be sure to pair vintage items with new items so your house doesn’t end up looking like your Grandma’s;)

The mushroom motif on this place mat/napkin set was popular in the 1970’s. Here, it’s paired with rustic decor for a “woodland” themed table setting.

2.) Decorate a little girl’s room. My daughter has an adorable cross stitched Bambi quilt on her bedroom wall. You could also use embroidered table runners or dresser scarves to decorate a dresser. Or, just frame embroidered linens and use them as wall art. There are so many cute designs that would look great in a girl’s room.

Not the best picture, but this quilt was mine when I was little and now it’s Anna’s.

3.) Pillowcase dress. If you sew, you could re-purpose a vintage embroidered pillowcase to make an adorable little girl’s dress. I used a beautifully embroidered and crocheted peacock pillowcase to make this dress for my shop on Etsy.

Green crochet peacock dress, Anna
Find this dress here.

4.) Coin Purse. Re-purpose a vintage embroidered hand towel or hankie to make a coin purse. Here, I up-cycled a hand towel and added a metal purse frame for this adorable coin purse.

Flower pot coin purse

5.) Make hair accessories. Ponytail holders are easy to make. Just take a metal cover button (I hyperlinked it to a listing on Amazon but they are also available at most craft stores), cover with a scrap of vintage embroidered material and slip an elastic through. It’s a great way to use up those scraps leftover from other projects.

Pink flower green leaves ponytail holder, Anna
Find this ponytail holder here.

6.) Pretend tea bags. Tea parties are a great way to encourage your little one to use her imagination. This is also another good idea for embroidered linen scraps. I will be doing a tutorial on this in the very near future! Check back with me SOON.

**UPDATE!: Find the tutorial for these adorable pretend tea bags here.

Tutorial coming soon!

7.) Sunhats. A vintage embroidered table clothe was used to make this adorable sunhat.

Blue swallow sun hat, Anna
I’m in love with the little blue bird on this hat!

Have fun with vintage embroidered linens. The possibilities are endless!

Have an idea you didn’t see here? I would love to hear your suggestions. You may just see it on a future post!